Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thursday Run Buddies

What’s up everyone!!

Today I wanted to do a bit of a discussion post related to our run buddies.  All across the spectrum, from beginners to elite runners, you see run buddies clamping together and knocking out miles.  Train together, race together, and always supporting each other through the ups and downs of this crazy sport.

So the discussion I propose today is…

What qualities do you look for in a run buddy?!?!

Being 100% honest, I think I can run with just about anybody these days.  I actually have different buddies I run with depending on scheduling and my different workouts.  Yet, there seems to be some common trends with the guys that I run with more often from the guys that I run with less often.  I’m going to throw some of these out there and would love to hear what some of your commonalities are with your run buddies.

Important Items:

1)      Scheduling – This is probably the most important aspect about training with me.  Yes I know I’m crazy for waking up at 3am to run at 4am, but that is the best time for me to train that doesn’t impact my family.  So if I come across someone who also trains super early in the morning, we are almost immediately run buddies by default lol.

2)      Reliability – I think this is important for everyone.  If you say you’re going to be there for the run, you better be there.  Honestly though, a lot of the guys I run with have a family, so I get that stuff comes up and life gets in the way.  But if tardiness and missed runs become the norm, there is only one outcome…

3)      Pacing for Speed – I put this on the list because lately I have been excited to run with guys that are of comparable speed or faster.  This is vitally important if you want to improve in this sport.  As long as I’ve played sports, I’ve always heard the saying…”if you want to get better, you need to practice and play with someone who is better than you”.  I think this stands true and which is why I’ve been seeking out faster runners to train with.

I’m a pretty low maintenance runner.  If you can wake up before the sun comes up to get a run in, than we are good to go.  On the other side, I think there are some common misconceptions with run buddies and I wanted to also go over some of those.

1)      Pacing in General – I have some close friends that run occasionally.  When I find out they are running I immediately bombard them with questions about when they run and if I can ever join them.  The general response is…”you’re too fast for me”…or something along those lines.  I’ve had very little success explaining to non-runners that we often need recovery runs and would be happy to slow down for them.  Oh well, their loss right lol.

2)      Chatting – A good conversation always makes a run go by faster, but for me it’s not mandatory.  I’ve been on plenty of runs where everyone is just clicking off miles and all you can hear is the trail under our shoes.  Honestly sometimes those runs are refreshing because the sounds flow in harmony with the strides of the group.  Almost like music.  Then on the other side I’ve been on plenty of runs where we have talked about everything under the sun.  I do have a personally liking when I’m running with more experienced runners and they are sharing their knowledge with me, always awesome to learn something new.

3)      Fragrances – Keeping it real, I always run with other dudes, and some of these gentlemen have a tendancy to smell better than others lol.  I often find myself running with a run buddy or in one of our groups and catch a nice smelling scent from someone, I immediately think “oh wow, that smells nice.  I feel bad if they catch a wiff of me”….LOL.  Again, this is not a big deal.  I usually smell worse than anyone else I may be running with and usually masks anything else I might smell during the run.

There you have it, today I just wanted to have a little fun discussing our run buddies and what makes them so awesome.  I really look forward to seeing what everyone looks for in a run buddy


  1. Fragrances are very important... LOL
    I still only have one friend I occasionally run with, I just have not had much luck finding folks locally.

  2. I don't like running with other people. I tried joining a local group once and it just wasn't for me. I didn't like having to arrange my workouts around other people's schedules/preferences and I don't really want to chit chat while I run. And it seemed that everyone there was either way slower than me or way too fast for me to even keep up with. I just want to do my own thing.

    As to your point about people declining because you're too fast: they know fast runners can slow down, but no one wants to be that person who everyone has to slow down for. And it's a little humbling to run with someone who is doing an easy jog while you're struggling to catch your breath. Sometimes it's a little easier on both parties to just find someone who is around your pace. I certainly wouldn't blame someone if they didn't want to slow down for me or speed up for me.

  3. I almost always am alone out there unless my husband can go. I have Gregg Allman's , "no one to run with any more" on my play list! Gotta keep a sens of humor about it as it does get lonely. It's a scheduling and compatibility issue for me I think. I'd much rather just go when I can go and not arrange to run with someone. Plus I have to think about dog compatibility! :) I don't mind chatter, if it's fun chat. But the last person I ran with unfortunately used the whole time to talk about her relationship... Boo hiss!

    Loved the smelly talk! reminded me of a guy who used to go on training rides with us when we were bike racing. he was SO stinky. We always joked that he must not shower. Well a friend of mine went away with him on a ski trip and confirmed that no, he didn't shower!! ha ha ha!

  4. Ha! I have some running gear that I don't wear when running with others; ie it permanently stinks!
    I try and run with a group for my long runs. They definitely make the miles go by faster. I am not a huge talker on my runs, but every once in a while it is great to catch up with friends.
    When I want to run with someone to stretch my abilities, I run with my husband. The only thing I feel slightly bad about is that I will tell him what paces I am looking for (to challenge), and I end up getting annoyed with him while running (just in my head, not talking). Afterwards, I am grateful, and it is all good.
    I also run with my youngest, which is usually a slower run, but it is nice because we chat and usually play word games along the way, because she is usually trying to do a long run. It is really a great way to bond with your kids.
    My status quo is running on my own, so I don't have to coordinate schedules etc. If I try running with the running club more often, the constant text chats about meet ups gives me anxiety!!
    Long answer!

  5. I love this! I would love to find a running buddy here in Minneapolis, but it's just really hard with my schedule. There are a few running clubs that I'm eyeing up, so I think once I'm done training for Boston, I might pop by and see what they have going on.


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