Monday, February 13, 2017

Sharing a Little Family Today

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you had a great weekend!!

For us over at the Schlub household, it was a pretty awesome weekend.  Here on the old blog I don’t share to much about my life outside of running.  I started this blog to focus on improving my running, holding myself accountable, and hopefully help someone out there from making the same mistakes I have made.  Well sorry to say, this weekend was just too good not to share with everyone I know which includes all 5 of you that come over here and read lol.

Gotta Earn IT!!
Weeks ago, my 8 year old came up to us after church service and told us he wanted to go to church camp.  This is his first year eligible to attend camp, a couple of his buddies are going, so we immediately started to get more details.  Everything looked fantastic and we couldn’t think of a better way for him to spend a week during the summer.  Based on our involvement at the church and my experience working with youth sports, Mrs. Schlub and I have even decided that I would go along with as a youth coach to be a part of this whole experience right alongside my son.  Awesome!!  The only discussion item is the cost, not a hefty amount that we couldn’t pay, but at the same time not an amount that you spend each weekend. 

The solution was…you gotta earn it…

I wasn’t expecting him to earn the entire amount, we just wanted to him to put some effort into working towards his goal, and understanding that this is a large cost and it would take some work on his part.  We decided to hold a garage sale where we could get rid of clutter, and let him sell some lemonade and baked good.  Well the community helped us out in droves, we received garage sale donations from people all around the community.  Now this was a friend helping friend situation, we received clothes, household goods, and a bunch of different items to sell.  In return, we were basically saving everyone a trip to the dump or Goodwill lol.  So Saturday morning bright and early we started with a driveway and yard full of stuff to help pay for church camp.  To my complete surprise, he did amazing and paid for his church camp.  Yes it was a lot of work on our part as parents, yes we had to make the signs, yes we had to work with all the shoppers…..but…..he was out there all day, selling his lemonade and baked goods, and answering questions about his church camp.  A really amazing collaboration between family and neighbors to not only help a boy go to camp, but more importantly, a life lesson to work hard and earn something you care about. 

I did get a run in this weekend.  I took Saturday off because we were hosting the yard sale most of the day.  My coach was running his last back to back this weekend before his 100k next weekend.  I would have liked to be there for both runs but I was only able to make it out Sunday.  Met up with him at 5:15am and we headed out for 20 miles.  It was a great run, we talked through a lot of stuff related to his upcoming race and in the end he felt really great after a long 40 mile weekend.  For me, I got some side by side miles, some miles where I trailed behind him, and some miles where I led out front and pulled him along.  I cant tell you how much im looking forward to pacing this weekend, its going to be pretty awesome.

Building Memories
I grew up watching wrestling, I have no shame.  The stories, the real life super heroes, the crowd involvement, I thought it was cool.  BTW…Yes I know it’s fake lol.  As I got older I moved away from the entertainment and found joy in other things.  Well…the last few years my son has really come to enjoyed professional wrestling.  I see a lot of the same joy in his eye that I had when I was younger.  Professional wrestling was coming to AZ so we bought tickets as a Christmas present so he and I could go with some of his buddies.  So Sunday night we headed off to the arena to watch the Elimination Chamber.  This event is a 3 hour long PPV show and when you add in the arrival time and preshow, we were looking at a 6 hour event.  This was one of those events that makes you smile, and I hope he will be telling his kids about some day.  To sit back and see one of your kids hollering, cheering, booing, and in suspense the entire time…it was priceless. 

Again, I don’t share too much outside of running, but I woke up today with a full mind of great family events from this weekend and wanted to share with all of you.  Hope you have a great Monday


  1. Oh that's awesome, kudos to your son for his hard work! I think it's so important for kids to learn lessons like these. :)

  2. Sounds like you are raising your kids well! I enjoy hearing about family life outside of running, and other hobbies too.

  3. I enjoy hearing about your family, it helps us get to know you better.
    It is GREAT that your son earned the money for camp. And yes, those lessons are often A LOT of work for the parents, but it all pays off in the end!
    You mention running 20 miles casually. Holy cow!

  4. As Adam and I were watching Elimination Chamber last night I was thinking of you. I am sure you two had a blast and made such great memories that will last a lifetime.

    Adam was the same as you - loved it as a kid and then got away from it as an adult - but he got back into it in 2014 when NXT started heating up.

    I didn't quite love pro wrestling as a kid, but since my dad wasn't blessed with a son he dragged me to all of the wrestling shows with him haha! Now as an adult I enjoy it -- or maybe I just enjoy being able to take part in something that Adam and my dad like so much! ;)

    What great parenting to have your son earn his trip to camp. My parents were like that too. One time I wanted a specific stuffed animal and my mom made me put it on layaway until I earned enough via chores to buy it! I'll never forget that! The stuffed animal must have cost like... $20? $15? But I'll never forget how much I wanted it and have motivated I was to do chores to get it!

  5. Okay, well now you can not make fun of me for my love of Nascar and watching car go round circles LOL It is all entertainment :)
    I was so touched that your family was rewarded for all your effort and your son was blessed enough to raise enough to go camp in one outing. It is good to see the Lord work in your lives...and it nice you shared that :)


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