Friday, February 17, 2017

Pacing Eve

Happy Friday Everyone!!

Tomorrow is the big day.  Tomorrow is the return of “The Ultimate Pacer”.

My coach is running The Black Canyon Ultras 100k and needed some help in the second half of the race.  Well things got pretty interesting this week as we head into race weekend.  The forecast was calling for rain all day on Saturday.  Trail runners typically don’t mind the rain all that much, and personally I love it because I think it’s fun to play in the mud.  Unfortunately, Arizona doesn’t do well with rain, and even an inch of rain channels into our water ways and can surge some of the streams to 5ft or 10ft in depth.  The race this weekend has a few crossing of little streams and one large river and was immediately a concern for the race organizers.  As of Monday, people were posting pictures on FB showing the main river at about 3ft of water already and we would be adding to that with all the rain on Saturday.  Needless to say, it wasn’t looking like a very safe situation for runners, crew, and volunteers.  The race made the difficult decision to change the course to avoid the major waterways which I think was the right choice, no need to take chances.  So yesterday my coach and those of us in his crew were exchanging emails and text messages to re-work the race plan.  I’m happy to say we got most things worked out and we are ready to go for tomorrow morning.

I’m super excited because not only do I get to pull pacing/crewing duty for my coach, but also, I’ve never run this trail before and I’ve heard it’s gorgeous.  Here are some photos I pulled off google:

I plan to have the GoPro and record as much as I can during the race.  So hopefully I’ll have some epic footage for you guys come Monday.

What are your plans for this weekend?

Anyone throwing down a running adventure for Presidents Day?


  1. I spent a few childhood years in Arizona, and I miss the cactus hillsides.

  2. Kind of sad that the "flood advisory" is for the weekend and not a weekday. Probably a wise decision on the race officials to re-route, hopefully it'll just be fun running in the rain!

    And yes, I will be updating my blog soon! I've been really sick most of this new year. Perhaps Mrs. Schlub can relate. ;)


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