Hello, thank you for joining me along my journey of becoming a Runner! I've always been an active guy, played sports in high school and continued into adult recreation sports after high school. As I started my family and found a career, the activity level slowly decreased. Well my Fiance had enough of our lazy ways and started on the Weight Watchers program and completely overhauled our daily meals. Step 2 was getting more active, so we decided to JOG our annual Juvenile Diabetes charity walk and actually enjoyed the activity. The month following the charity walk, we signed up for our first official 5K and had an absolute blast. From that point forward I have officially been BIT by the running bug and this is my journey to becoming a RUNNER!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Discussion Time

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

Total runner fail this morning.  This week has actually been pretty cold here in AZ (cold is relative so I’m sure the east coasters will be laughing at me lol).  When I saw the temps for this morning’s run was going to be around 35*, I was not a big fan.  But I got my stuff ready with the intention of running.  Low and behold, when my alarm went off at 3am, I shut that sucker off and went back to bed lol.  I’ll be looking for a lunch time run and perhaps an evening run to make up the miles. 

Work has been crazy busy but yesterday for a small moment, I was on a huge mission and I’m going to start this discussion by addressing the elephant in the room…

Where are all the guy bloggers at?!?!?!

I think we can all agree that a large percentage of running/fitness blogs out there are maintained by women.  Now let’s not let this go down the wrong road lol…up until yesterday I can say that about 90% of the blogs I follow are maintained by you ladies (most of which are the only ones that come around here and read so THANK YOU!!) and I thoroughly enjoy them for training help, and overall just reading enjoyment.  Yesterdays mission was to find some blogs written by guys.  I seriously felt like I was searching for sasquatch or big foot because there just aren’t a lot of male bloggers out there.  Now I was able to add 4 new blogs to my reading list that are written by guys and at the same time I added a few more that were written by ladies…hey I like to read about running lol.

As I was searching through various blogs this is where I wanted to get all of your opinions.  I know we occasionally see this discussion throughout the blog world and I think it’s important not only from the readers perspective, but also for those that write content.

Why do you choose to read the blogs that you do??

I personally don’t have a whole lot of criteria when it comes to the blogs that I follow, but here are the main ones:

1)      Posting Frequency – I like a blog that posts at least a few times a week.  Granted there are times that I fall off the wagon but we aren’t talking about me are we lol.  Unfortunately, if posts are coming every couple weeks I usually bow out and focus on those blogs that keep me updated on what’s going on.

2)      Writing Style – This is 100% subjective and I cant really give an explanation to what I’m looking for.  I just know that some blogs I read instantly get me engaged and I enjoy reading.  On the other hand there are some blogs I read and I’m just not feeling it. 

3)      Pictures – There is a vast number of pictures I enjoy seeing on a blog.  I think they break up the posts and make reading more enjoyable.  I really like seeing different parts of the world and where other people are running.

So there you have it, let me know.

What are some of the things you look for in a blog?

How often do you purge and add new blogs to your list?


  1. My husband ran this morning and his warmest gear was dirty and he hadn't checked the forecast so he said he FROZE.

    First I like locals that I could have the opportunity to meet locally at races, second I enjoy people I can relate to or who inspire me (runners, young parents, fitness lovers, church goers) and third I would say is pictures and content being interesting to look at/read. I like frequent posting but I can't keep up when people post everyday or multiple times a day! Sometimes I get overwhelmed and lose interest.

  2. I think the male/female imbalance is mostly due to the fact that women, on average, are just a bit more expressive than men. We're socialized with the cultural norm that women are talkers, men are do-ers. It's a stereotype, for sure, but I've certainly noticed among the men I know that they are just not as inclined to reflect on and talk about things - just get them done. I notice this in all areas of my life, from work to blogs to my relationships: men just don't verbalize as much as women.

    Anyway, what I look for in a blog is sort of difficult to articulate. I have some guidelines but there are also lots of exceptions to those guidelines. I like blogs that post frequently...buuuut many of my favorite blogs don't post frequently. I like blogs that have quality content instead of being chatty...buuut some of my best blog friendships are people who have more conversational and impromptu blog posts. Basically, I create exceptions to my rules for people I develop relationships with. I may not prefer so-and-so's style but if we have a connection, I will read and comment on their blog.

  3. I haven't added any new blogs to what I read recently. I like to read blogs when I feel like I can connect with the person on some level--which usually occurs through frequent posting, and a somewhat "chatty" post style. I like to know about that person's goals, challenges with running (even day to day) and a little about their life. I like pictures too.
    If I am running in 35* this time of year, I consider that warm! When I am stuck on the treadmill due to a storm (yesterday), my garage was only 43*, and I was in shorts and a t-shirt (but I did keep on knit gloves!). That's OK, I know I have no idea how hot it is in your summers!!

  4. Hmm, well I am a slow poster so it must be my impeccable writing style that keeps you interested? Pictures of Mae? Lol! You are right though, of the dozen or so blogs I follow only one, other than you, is a male blogger! (and his blog is about cats!) I just added a handful of vintage fashion and dog related blogs to my list. I like to read about different topics that either motivate me or enrich me in some way. Food blogs I am famous for following for about 2 weeks then losing interest completely! they make me nervous , like I should cook more meals and present the food with flare! Ha, not happening!
    I've been driving off mt to run in the sun on dry trails. Had enough cold and ice for one winter! stay cozy and have a great weekend!!

  5. I think you will be happy to know that one of Adam's goals for this year is to be more active on my blog and in the vlog! He may do his own little series on the blog about all of the stuff he does (MMA, lifting and yes even sometimes running!).

    I'm looking forward to him getting more involved because I agree, not that many guys are active in the running blog world. You are like a unicorn here! haha

    I'm glad Adam is going to get more involved because about 30% of my readers are guys and I think you guys will like him and find him relatable!

    The blogs that I love the most are ones in which I have at least 2 things in common with the blogger. Usually the first thing is running/fitness but then I like when we can relate on a second level because let's face it, most of the time we're all doing easy runs and that can get monotonous to read about day after day. I like that you and I both like running (ultrarunning, sage, etc) and wrestling! :D I can't wait for the Rumble tomorrow! I hope Finn shows up!!! :D


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