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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Lost Dutchman Marathon 8K Trail Race Recap

I hope everyone had a fantastic President's Day!!

Sunday morning I was running The Lost Dutchman Marathon 8K Trail Race.  Mrs. Schlub signed me up as a Valentines Day gift so I was using this race as a good warm up for the marathon coming up in two weeks.  I'm in full taper mode so this race being just under 5 miles was perfect to just shake out my legs and get a little race simulation.  The plan was to go out, see how my legs felt, and just coast through the run.

I want to start with hydration.  I knew coming into the race that I would be out in the desert totally exposed and we would be looking at 70* temps during the race.  I made it a point to drink a full gallon of water throughout the day on Saturday and knocked that out of the park.  I think this really helped during the race because even though it was just under 5 miles, I didn't feel any signs of cramping in my legs what so ever.

Our family was over at a friends house on Saturday night and ended up staying out a bit later than we had planned.  A little concerning since I like to get a full nights rest before a race but I was taking this race pretty casual so I was trying not to worry about my sleep.  I got all my race items together, laid them out for the morning, and then fell asleep.

I woke up at 430am giving myself an hour to eat, use the restroom, and get myself ready.  In all honesty it almost felt like too much time but I prefer that over rushing to the start.  I grabbed all the stuff I would need for the day, packed up the truck, and then headed off to the race.  The race location ended up being very close to our house so I had a very short drive and ended up being at the race SUPER early.  I took my time walking around the event and seeing all the festivities.  Soon I met up with some friends that were running the half marathon, took our pre race pictures, and was able to see them off as they started their race.  As my race time neared, I removed my jacket and pants, placed them in my drop bag, and headed to the start line.  (On a side note, the gallon water on Saturday had me using the restroom A TON.  I must have used the restroom 5 times before the race started)

I lined up in the start corral and slowly it started to fill up with runners.  They already played the national anthem at the start of the half marathon so we got a countdown, start gun, and we were off.  Customary to any race, everyone shot out quickly.  I tried to keep it pretty smooth and not come out to fast.  First mile clicked off around 7:30 min/mile and the pace felt fairly easy.  As we started the second mile, we had a slow gradual downhill which allowed me to catch my breath and get a good leg turnover going.  Second mile clicked off around 7:00 min/mile pace and again the pace felt fairly easy...of course that was downhill.  As we got towards the end of the second mile and the start of the third mile, we were climbing back up that slow downhill.  I wanted to test my climbing legs so I just tried to keep pace without exhausting all my energy.  Third mile clicked off around 7:00 min/mile pace but this effort was a bit tougher than the first two miles.  The fourth mile had a bit more rolling sections and that coupled with the climb in mile 3, my pace suffered a bit.  The fourth mile clicked off around 7:20 min/mile pace.  Based on how the course was setup, I knew I was in the home stretch as I crossed the four mile mark and we started to head back to the start line.  As we neared the finish I had a runner just ahead of me and I pretty much packed it in and was going to finish behind him rather than try to out kick him to the finish.


As we neared the finish line, I didn't hear a group of runners coming up from behind me and I actually got passed by three runners in the last 50 yards.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!

The official results 4.75 miles and a finishing time of 33:48.  My timing chip shows that I averaged 6:48 min/mile pace throughout the race.  I finished 11th overall and second in my age group.

My legs felt great!!  I was really struggling last week because my legs and feet took a pounding during my 20 miler.  Once I got out there and started running, my legs warmed up and really performed well.  My hydration was excellent, not once did I feel like I was lacking water so I really need to focus on that over these next two weeks as I prepare for the marathon.  I am still using Mrs. Schlub's fancy hot pink water bottle and it really has been fantastic.  The biggest thing I like is that I can just spray the water directly into my mouth, I cant do that with my hydration pack.  Makes drinking on the run a lot easier.

Lastly, that is a solid pace!!  I am thinking I ran this thing a bit harder than I actually wanted to but this is starting to become the "norm" for me.  Go into the race really relaxed with no serious expectations and really try to run based on how my body feels.  Once I get out on the course and start running, my body performs really well.

Only 1!!!  Why the heck didn't I finish this race strong like I was supposed to.  I should have known that runner would be kicking hard during the last 100 yards and I should have been doing the same.  I actually would have finished in 8th place had I finished this race properly.  BLAH!!!

Regardless, this was a great race for me.  It gave me a lot of confidence as we head into the marathon in two weeks.  Plus, my legs and feet still feel great.  No real soreness to be concerned with which is great because my assessment is that this race was a pretty high effort on my part.  So there you have it, race recap filled with a solid race and an epic fail at the end LOL.

Let me know, have you ever been passed in the last 50 yards of a race??  How did your runs/races go this weekend??


  1. You did awesome!! No way that was a fail, way too many wins!
    Yes, I got passed when I ran the first day 5K right at the end but I was already going as hard as I could, I didn't have anything else at the end lol
    Congrats on the AG place! That is time to be proud :)

  2. Excellent job! So glad your legs felt great. I have been passed at the end plenty of times...
    It sounds like you are more than ready for your marathon!

  3. Incredible! Congratulations on a great race, placing in your age group and finishing with an avg pace in the 6's that felt good/easy! That's so so impressive and you shouldn't have any regrets at all! Not even one! This wasn't a race-race for you and with the marathon so close I think it was smart to take it easy at the end. Just think about where you'll place and what your average pace will be the next time you race a short distance!

  4. Great race and congrats on 2nd in your AG! Hmm, I haven't been passed that close to the end. It would be frustrating. You can work on that short distance kick after the marathon! :)

  5. Honestly, I don't really care if people pass me at the end of the race. And I don't notice that stuff much when I'm racing. When I'm out there, I'm running my own race. I don't race against others, I race against me. Plus, if someone does pass me, I don't know if that person actually started behind me or not - if they started ahead of me there's a good chance my chip time might still be faster. That said, I can imagine that must be frustrating if you're actually racing competitively and going for AG placements. But cheer up, and keep your eye on the prize. It wasn't even your goal to "race" this. You have a marathon to run, put this outta your head. There will always be other redemption races :)

  6. Congrats on a great race! Don't beat yourself up over a few runners getting ahead of you. You are at the end of marathon training, so you should be able to go slower for a very long time, which it sounds like you can! Like Hanna, I never really notice the runners around me. I'm usually in my own head a little too much, and it's not like I am fast enough to win. Haha! Congrats and go kick butt at the marathon!

  7. No "big mistake " there, just a lesson! Good job overall, sounds like a good time AND great age group finish!! Thanks for the recap Richard~


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