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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Ugly Aftermath

Before I get into my race fallout, I have to make a quick comment on the races from this weekend.  I’m not a big self promoter (Mrs. Schlub actually yells at me about this LOL) and often down play a lot of the success I have as a runner.  I run for the pure enjoyment and the self competition.  I get a huge boost of confidence from individual success that comes from working hard during training and then delivering on race day.  I also get a huge high from falling short of my own expectations and dusting myself off and getting back out there to train even harder.  BUT in this case I have to say, I am actually pretty DA%$ proud of my race on Sunday.  This was not only a huge improvement from Vegas in November but it was a flat out successful run that played out just about perfect.  This is one of those races that get you hyped for your next race.

Sunday after the race I was riding a pretty good high from my results.  Had a few things to do around the house but overall got to relax and start the recovery process.  Mrs. Schlub let me get a nap in as I was pretty exhausted after an early wake up and the max effort during the race.  Later that night is when the fallout started to make itself known.  I had a slight sore throat and slowly started to feel tired and worn down throughout the night.  As bed time was rolling around I pretty much knew I was coming down with a bug.  Woke up Monday morning and felt like crap, drug myself to work and was only able to put in a few hours before heading on home sick.  Spent the rest of Monday trying to relax and recoup.  Tuesday rolled around and once again just felt horrible, decided to stay home and take a little more time to recoup.  Finally started to feel better Tuesday afternoon and woke up this morning feeling well enough to head into work.

As for my legs after the half marathon, my legs were pretty thrashed from the race.  Definitely could have taken it easier during the race and I would have been in a much better place after the run but cracking 1:40 was well worth the aftermath.  Even today, three days later, my calves are still sore.  I’m doing a lot of stretching and massaging to work out all the tightness.

The only thing that I can conclude is that my body was just exhausted from a full weekend of heavy activity plus some cool temps.  The need for rest the past couple days has hindered my post race running but I hope to get back out there tonight with a nice light recovery run.  Depending on how my legs feel coming into the weekend will determine if I’m throwing down a long run to build on this weekend or if I will need a true recovery week, we shall see.

Has your body ever crashed after a race?

Do you prefer an ice bath or hot bath/jacuzzi after a hard race?


  1. Good thing your body waited to get sick until after! I've had a cold after my last two Dallas Marathons ;) I think our bodies are like, "okay, time for a break, now!" Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Hope you feel better! That sucks that you got sick, but it could also just be a coincidence - like maybe you picked up something while you were there, not necessarily made yourself sick from running hard. In any case, take it easy. Hard racing is one of the most taxing things we runners can do to our bodies. The fact that you did so well means your training and fitness are obviously just fine and you can afford to take some time off for a little TLC.

    I've never done the ice bath thing. But I do LOVE a HOT shower after a run/race, it really hits the spot and helps loosen everything up. Especially after these frigid winter runs!

  3. Go ride a bike at an easy pace, zero impact and gets your legs moving. Not to mention gets you outside which is especially nice after being stuck inside recovering on the couch. I like hot showers in the winter and cold in the summer, purely for the feeling. I've never noticed any significant benefit from purposeful ice or hot.

  4. Congratulations on such a speedy half time! It sucks to be sick but I suppose the bright side is that you got sick post race rather than before, right? I'm a fellow Zonie but I've only run PF Chang's twice for some reason. It's a really good race, too.

  5. I am a person who often gets sick after a stressful event, be it a race or even a more social situation. All the better reason to rest afterwards. I am glad you are feeling better today.
    I like a HOT shower after a race. I said after running the Indy marathon, getting out of the hot shower post race was the second hardest thing I did today!

  6. A PR is worth the aftermath! That's my theory! The worst is when recovery goes slowly and the race didn't yield optimal results. #beentheredonthat

    I think this weekend's long run will be a 10k for me, finally getting back to it next week. I'm having post race blues, thank goodness Phoenix is around the corner. Good luck with recovery!

  7. It is okay your legs are still sore! and you probably shouldn't have been running even if you felt well. You worked the heck out of your legs in one weekend, that is a lot of miles!
    Shot, I was so sore after my big hill half marathon I was out for 4 or 5 days before I ran lol I hope you feel better!

  8. Congrats on breaking 1:40! The first thing I thought of was that it's good that you got sick the evening after the race and not the evening before. That would have been awful!

    I would prefer to get in the hot tub after a race, but I know that an ice bath is much better for recovery!

    1. P.S. Hope you're feeling lots better by now!

  9. I've definitely crashed like you did after a race. I think when we have hard efforts like that or just long distance/tough races that take a lot out of us, it wears us down. I'm glad you were able to take it easy for a couple of days to recoup. I hope the recovery running is going well and that you're back to normal by now!


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