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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Just Cant Decide

I still do not have a plan for my race next weekend!!

I'll be running a 5K on Saturday and the half marathon on Sunday but at this point still have no idea what the plan is for these races.  I’ve been doing a lot of trail running with increased vert so I feel confident saying my speed work has not been great.  I think it would be a big mistake to go out and try to “race” the 5K when I have done ZERO 5K specific training.  So there you have it, Saturday is checked off the list.  I’ll use this as a casual run, hanging out with friends, enjoying the race atmosphere, and just having a good time.

The half marathon is a whole different story because there are so many possibilities with this distance.  Last year at this same race I did the half marathon for the first time.  My right foot was hurting the weeks leading up to the race so I decided to take the entire week off hoping to show up on race day well enough to run.  Race started out well but around mile 6 my foot started to bother me and my ITB started to get tight.  I can remember points in the race where I had to walk and a few points where I had to stop and stretch different parts of my body.  Regardless, when I look back now, I still threw down a 1:51 which is a respectable time and my second fastest half marathon time.  The interesting thing is that during the marathon in November I threw down a 1:48 in the first half which was my fastest half marathon EVER!!  **Side Note – This is why I love my Garmin and all the data I get to look into LOL.**  So here are the major items that I’ve been considering:

1)      Big Goal - The marathon next month is the BIG goal.  That is what all my training is focused on and I’m well past the 13 mile mark in my training at this point.  That has all my attention so that race has pulled a lot of the emphasis away from these races.

2)      Continued Training – I want to get some quality runs in the week after these two races.  I don’t think I can do that if my effort level requires extended rest after the half marathon.

3)      Course PR – It would be nice to get a little redemption on last year’s struggle.  I don’t particularly like this course because they have a huge climb at mile 7 which is downright wrong when you are that far into the half marathon lol, but improving on past efforts is always a good thing.

4)      Half Marathon PR – I think a new half marathon PR is easily within reach.  Based on the way I ran in Vegas and the fact that I’m in much better shape today, I think it should be pretty easy to get a new half marathon PR, but do I want to go that hard?? 

Mrs. Schlub told me that I should give my best effort and go after a PR.  I can see the benefit in that because it would essentially be race pace training for the marathon.  At the same time I have this feeling that I should take it casual and just enjoy the race.

As I write this post my feeling is that I should show up on race day, see how my legs are feeling, and run completely on feel. 

What’s your take?  How would you plan for these races knowing you have a full marathon in six weeks??


  1. Maybe you should use the half marathon as a fitness test of sorts, to gauge where you're at in your fitness and to help predict a range of realistic finish times for your marathon. Go out there and give it your best, but run by EFFORT ONLY, listening to your body and not worrying about your pace. Put a piece of masking tape over your Garmin to resist the temptation to look at it. Then at the end, you'll have a finish time that is indicative of where you're really at in your fitness right now and where you should go from here. Plus, without the pressure of hitting a certain pace you might even run better and nab a surprise PR! I've had some of my best races when I run by effort and don't look at my watch as much.

  2. I would take Hanna's advice, but I would still look at my Garmin. I race a half during my training plan, and the only caveat is that I know I have to stick with my training plan after, which gives me only one rest day after the half (However, it counts as speedwork for the week). For example, last training plan, I was shooting for 8 minute pace in the marathon, but I was doing all speedwork/races at 7:30-7:40 pace. So I went for a half within that range, going by if I felt good stick with it, but if it felt strained to back off. So I raced it, without going all out (meaning I couldn't take a week off after to recover blown quads etc.) You have to make sure to nail your recovery after it too--keep moving, roll, stretch and hydrate and kind to yourself! Good Luck!

  3. Great advice above me :)
    Here is my spin...
    Use the 5K as fun shake out run. Enjoy it! and stretch a lot when you are done.
    Wake up half marathon day and put your game face on...
    I would go as hard as you can and hang on! I think you can sub 1:48 :)
    When I ran Richmond I didn't look at my watch until mile 10. At mile 10 I saw my cumulative time and knew I could I nail a PR and it gave that little extra push to not slow down those last three miles :)
    You can have a few days to let your legs recover from hard effort, you have six weeks! You will have more confidence if you run a great half marathon.
    Can't wait to hear!

    1. oh yea, fuel! I fueled early my last two halfs and that seemed to help. I had sport beans for Richmond and Honey Stingers for my hilly race - miles 4- 6 -8 so the carbs were in my system :)
      Good luck!

  4. I would hammer both and see how bad you can make the 13.1 hurt. Good practice working the back half of the marathon on tired legs. Using at least the half as a serious effort for a tune-up or fitness-gauge is a really good plan that might be more sensible.

  5. You may already have all of this figured out by now, but here is my input: I think you have to decide what's more important to you - getting a course PR, and possibly overall half PR, OR running your best race at the full marathon next month. You may be able to do both of those things, but I think it would be unlikely. Personally, I think you should deem one of them your 'A' goal and the other your 'B' goal. As in one is an all out effort and the other one you just have to be okay with whatever happens.


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