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Monday, December 21, 2015

Runners Are Primadonnas

I don’t know if the rest of you have noticed this, but runners are huge primadonnas.  How do I know this you may ask??  Because I’m totally a primadonna and Mrs. Schlub has more than confirmed this for me LOL.
At the moment I’m running in New Balance Fresh Foam shoes for both road and trail.  The trail shoes I was previously rocking was the Fresh Foam 980 Trail and they worked amazing for me. 

Like all trail shoes, they got pretty thrashed out on the trails so eventually came the day that they needed to be replaced.  So a few months back I went into our local running store with the intention to pick up the same exact pair.  Well it was an old model so I upgraded to the Fresh Foam Hierro. 

That transition was seemless and I didn’t notice any differences in traction or foot comfort.  Now the previous pair of road shoes that I was sporting was the Fresh Foam 980.  These actually glow in the dark which make them extremely functional during my super early runs.

As I came into the marathon I wanted another pair of shoes that would be broken in and ready to roll in Vegas.  So I went with the 1400v3 and used them side by side with the 980’s. 

Well I got through the marathon but didn’t really like how they felt.  I still don’t know how I ran/walked 26 miles in these things.  Once I got back from Vegas I decided to take the 1400v3’s back and exchange them for another pair of 980’s.  Of course, I had an old model and upgraded to the Fresh Foam Zante.

This is where the primadonna in me starts to come out.  I went into the store that day and told the sales associate “I already know what I like, I’m going to take the Fresh Foam Zante and I don’t need to try them on”.  Such a NOOB move!!  Once I got them home and tried them on I was feeling a lot of pressure in my PF.  Yikes, maybe they just need to be broken in??  Nope, I started to do some research about the differences between my 980’s and the Zante and I found that my 980’s have a 4mm drop and the Zante has a 6mm drop.  I never knew that 2mm of drop would impact my feet that bad but I sure was feeling the difference.  So I boxed up the shoes and head back to the store.  Went in and exchanged them for the Fresh Foam Boracay. 

I made sure these had the same 4mm drop that my 980’s had.  Then I took the time to try them on and make sure I wasn’t getting any pressure in my PF.  Everything felt pretty good in the store so I grabbed them and headed out.  Once I started running on them, still didn’t like them.  They felt really clunky and if I’m 100% honest, they didn’t sound right when they were hitting the pavement lol.  How crazy does that sound lol?!?!  Trust me, Mrs. Schlub was completely baffled by this as well but I couldn’t help it, they were making a strange sound when I was running in them and I just couldn’t get over that.  They didn’t sound like my 980’s and it was throwing me off during my runs.  I know my 980’s are an old model but I jumped online and found them at a couple different sites.  So what did I do???  You guessed it, I grabbed two pairs lol.  They should be here on Tuesday and I’ll let you all know how they feel and more importantly, how they sound lol.

Ok come on bloggers, I cant be the only one that has this problem.  I know I've read on plenty of your blogs that you will buy multiple pairs of shoes in the same exact model because you don’t want to change.
What is the strangest reason you needed to exchange shoes?


  1. That is not a strange reason! It's good you figured it out and got the shoes for you! I have been lucky to wear the same model of shoe since late 2010 and I really hope they don't tweak it too much!

  2. All that seems pretty normal to me! Once you find a great pair--stock up! (It's even more necessary if they are in a good color combo!)

    1. Cheryl is a woman after my own heart. A good color combo is so so so important! :D

      This was the funniest post I've read in a while! I love that you traded the shoes in because the sound they made was funny. I'm laughing but I know I totally would have done the same thing!

  3. I have done the shoe bounce, I think I returned 4 different models of Altra's. I had one that worked and then it changed, next model didn't and the next one was worse, and so forth till I finally went back to Brooks lol If you find something you love buy it up! I ran in a new pair of Brooks Pure Connect and my feet seem to feel a lot better. 4 mm must be a good luck drop :)

  4. Hah! Love it and love the comments! I don't think that's strange at all (rolls eyes) No, seriously, it's normal! I did the Altra thing too and ended up finally with the Lone Peak trail shoes which I LOVE. Like running in cushy slippers....but before I landed on those I was stuck on Brooks, because I had a pair of pure grits that I adored and when I ggot new ones they had added a rock guard. Well the first pair wasn't bad but the second pair. I kept saying to my husband "Im running on a cookie sheet!" that's what it felt like! I also had a pair of Cascadias, same thing....and returned them after 88 days! (Road runner sports 90 day return policy is great for us who can't decide!) No more cookie sheet shoes for me! lol! I'm glad you found the old ones. Hope they work out! Merry Christmas to you and your family Richard!!

  5. Some nice shoes here! Im addicted to looking at running shoes ha, got a gorgeous pair of ascics for christmas, check them out


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