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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Las Vegas Marathon Race Recap

Good morning everyone!!

Well here it is all the dirty details from the Las Vegas Marathon this past Sunday.  LONG POST ALERT!!

First off I have to thank everyone who was there to support me and all the support I received from the blog and Facebook.  As you will see, I didn’t have the best attitude after the race lol.

As you read late last week, our phones went off around 3am letting us know our flight was completely cancelled.  Really?!?!  We rescheduled and got into Vegas with no problems.
Because we were arriving on the same day as the race, we paid extra for race day packet pickup which started at 230pm.  I could see the pre-race expo from our hotel room and around 130pm I could see a HUGE line starting to form to get into the expo.  I started to freak out about not getting my bib in time so I threw some shoes on and walked across the street.  I totally forgot that Kid Rock was playing at the expo so everyone was lining up to get a good spot at the concert.  So I basically walked right in and out to get my race bib.  Freak out diverted!

One HUGE drawback to this race was that Mrs. Schlub was running the 10K and I was running the marathon.  This meant that our start lines were on complete opposite sides of the strip.  So we said our goodbyes well before the race started which was not a comfortable feeling when you’re about to run your first marathon. 

Trying to put that aside, I still had a race to run.  I met my good friends down in the lobby about an hour before the race and we headed over together.  Luckily they were running the half marathon so they were started in the same location as me which really helped my nerves.  We all hung out together for a while until it was time for me to move up to my corral and get ready for the start.

The national anthem played via guitar similar to the Jimmy Hendrix rendition and we were off!!

The race was a classic tale of two halves.  I started out pretty conservative to see how my legs felt and to work through the sea of people that did not belong in corrals 1-6 lol.  First mile clicked off at 9:06 and I quickly found a few people to latch onto and pace me through the next few miles.  My legs felt amazing!!!  We were battling 20-30 mile per hour wind gusts and even had some steady rain through miles 8-10, but that had no impact on me whatsoever.  I was in the zone; I was clicking off miles like crazy and picking off other runners with each step.  Based on my running chip, I clicked off the 5K at 26:32 which is an 8:32 min/mile pace, clicked off the 10k at 52:22 which is an 8:26 min/mile pace, and knocked out the Half at 1:50:20 which is an 8:25 min/mile pace.  A HUGE side note, this was my second fastest half marathon EVER and I just threw it down in my first marathon….WHAT?!?!?!

At this point in the race I was on cloud 9, I was in a great place mentally and was already planning my celebratory fist pump as I crossed the finish line well under 4 hours.  Very very very premature of me!!!

Mile 14-16 was a small out and back which had a slight incline then decline as we head back to the strip.  This is where disaster started to strike.  I started to cramp up in both of my hamstrings.  Each time the cramps hit, I would stop to stretch, then attempt to start jogging again.  At one point the cramps had me on the verge of tears they were hurting so bad.  I seriously thought my run was over, I thought I was going to sit there until race support could come out and get me.  Ask Mrs. Schlub, I called her at one point and nothing she could say would put me at ease.  The only thing I could manage was to walk, so I set off walking towards mile 20 and at that point I would re-evaluate based on how I felt.  Then a savior in disguise came upon me.  Around mile 18 I came across another runner, young man in his 20’s stretching on the sidewalk.  As I passed I asked him how he was doing and he said he was cramping up in his quads really bad.  He started to walk with me at that point and we were able to chat back and forth to the end of the race.  Young man’s name was Bob and I don’t know what would have happened had Bob not been there by my side.  Regardless, I’m very fortunate that he was there helping me to the end.

I crossed the finish line walking with a final time of 5:04:36.  At the point I crossed the finish line I was so pissed off and upset that I wanted nothing to do with the celebration of finishing 26.2 miles.  My legs felt like they were going to fall off and I was freezing my A#& off.  I wanted my pants and jacket from gear check and some delicious food.  Mrs. Schlub flagged me down through the fence blocking out the finish area as excited as could be congratulating me on the finish.  I was a total JERK!!  I basically told her I was upset and pissed off about what had happened and didn’t want to hear any congratulations. 
After I got my warmer clothes, got my tech shirt, we headed off to meet up with our friends for dinner.  Mrs. Schlub gave me a much needed scolding for being ungrateful for the ability to finish and the support from everyone on this accomplishment.  I was a bit better after that and we had a great time with everyone while we were in Vegas.

So what’s next??  I am still pissed off about how things unfolded the second half of the race.  I don’t know if I can pinpoint one specific item that led to the cramps but I am going to focus on hydration and fitness level.  I’m not fueling my body properly and I need to get those long runs in so my body adapts to the punishment.  I’m taking about a week off to let my legs recuperate and then I will get back at it, I don’t want to lose anything that I gained from this run.  The RNR series comes to Arizona mid January so I want to run the half marathon for that event.  I don’t like the course but they have a sweet secondary medal if you run Las Vegas and Phoenix so that sounds good to me.  Then comes the redemption run, The Phoenix Marathon is at the end of February.  Love the course and I think it’s the perfect race to come out and make up for the disaster that occurred in Vegas.

Thanks again to all of you that commented and wished me good luck.  I really appreciate the support and of course a special thank you to Mrs. Schlub, she has to put up with all my training and all my nonsense…honestly the woman is a Saint for having to deal with me lol.


  1. You know I understand your pain! It is awful when things don't go how they should have, or you don't feel well. We do learn from these things, but who the heck wants to hear it. I say congratulations for finishing and toughing it out. I am glad you found a friend on the way!! and High five you are are marathoner.

  2. I'm really sorry to hear that you had to deal with cramps for so long, I cannot imagine how horrible that must have been. During your next race you will have this one to think back on and will be able to tell yourself, "If I could make it through that then I can definitely make it through this." Every race is a learning experience and adds something to our toolkit. You dug deep and found lots of mental strength - I am really proud of you!

    It sounds like the Mrs. gave you all of the right advice post-race to help you process what happened and to look forward to your next race - smart lady! :D

    Congrats on your finish and just think about how awesome it'll be to cross the finish line with a 2 hour PR in February!!!

  3. I'm glad your bib pickup ended up being easy! That must have been a bad feeling when you saw that line forming.

    It would be tough not to have your person with you at the start line of your first full marathon! Tough conditions for your first full, too. I'm sorry about the second half being so rough. I know how disappointing that must have been. I'm glad Mrs. Schlub was there to pull you out of your post-race funk, though. Good for her. Congratulations on your finish. There will be more full marathons in your future and you'll get it figured out!

  4. Loved reading your recap! Glad to hear that you're finished licking your wounds and are looking forward to your redemption marathon - you will do it! You learned a lot about yourself and your training during this race, and with that knowledge you will do better next time. Cramping can come out of nowhere and totally derail a run. My hubby once missed qualifying for Boston by eight seconds because he had to stop and stretch his calves for about five minutes during a marathon...


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