Hello, thank you for joining me along my journey of becoming a Runner! I've always been an active guy, played sports in high school and continued into adult recreation sports after high school. As I started my family and found a career, the activity level slowly decreased. Well my Fiance had enough of our lazy ways and started on the Weight Watchers program and completely overhauled our daily meals. Step 2 was getting more active, so we decided to JOG our annual Juvenile Diabetes charity walk and actually enjoyed the activity. The month following the charity walk, we signed up for our first official 5K and had an absolute blast. From that point forward I have officially been BIT by the running bug and this is my journey to becoming a RUNNER!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Versatile Blogger Award

Good morning everyone!!  Last week EB over at Running On E completed her Versatile Blogger post and then nominated me to complete some questions as well.  A part of me always considers skipping out on these because I prefer to write about running adventures but then again it’s good to change things up now and again.  So here is my post for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Versatile Blogger

About the Award:
The Versatile Blogger Award is for those blogs that bring something special to your life.  In picking your nominees, you are to consider the quality of the writing, the uniqueness of the subjects covered, the level of love displayed in the words on the virtual page.  Or, of course, the quality of the photographs and the level of love displayed in the taking of them.

The Rules:
“Rules” are as follows: Answer the questions you have been given, nominate 10(ish) other bloggers and give them their own set of questions to answer.

My responses to EB:
1.                   What is something people might be surprised to learn about you?

I secretly enjoy the movie Pitch Perfect, I mean my daughter likes the movie and of course she can’t watch it alone lol.  There is something about Bumper Allen and Benji Applebaum that makes me laugh.

2.                   When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

For the longest time I wanted to be a basketball player.  Right around junior high it became very clear that those kids that play basketball actually start to grow.  Short and thin doesn’t work very well in basketball.

3.                   What is your favorite place you have visited?

I have been to quite a few places in the states but I always prefer going back to Sedona.  I absolutely love it there.  It really is an outdoorsman wonderland with hiking, fishing, you name it.

4.                   What is one place on your travel must-see bucket list?

There are a few places because of running that I would like to go and see but in all honesty I think it would be cool to visit the ruins in Egypt.  It is amazing what people could build way back then without all our modern technology.

5.                   What’s your current go-to work out song?

Sorry folks, no music on my runs.

6.                   What is your favorite distance to run?

For my training runs, I’ve really been enjoying 3-4 mile runs.  That lets me hit the out and back on the trail near my work as well as a couple loops around our house.  As for races, I’ve been having this liking to the half marathon for some reason.  Maybe that will change after the marathon.

7.                   What is your dream race/event?

Any race that lets me toe the line with Sage Canaday.  Besides, any place he races at is sure to be epic so anyone of them would suit me just fine. 

8.                   What would you do with a $1000 gift card?

Right now, GoPro!  I have been loving recording my trail runs and throwing them together to share with everyone.  I know the GoPro would provide a much better quality video allowing me to do more with my final videos.

9.                   If you could go on a bicycle built for two ride with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

Easy, Mrs. Schlub.  Funny thing is over the last few weeks I have actually asked her to ride one of these with me lol.  I think we saw one when we were in California and right away I asked her to rent one with me.  Of course she said no, bummer!

10.               What is your favorite guilty pleasure snack?

I don’t have a huge sweet tooth so I don’t splurge on sweets all too often.  Every once and a while we will buy this chocolate cake from our grocery store and it is just amazing.  Just your basic chocolate cake, nothing special.  I could eat that whole thing all by myself lol.

There you go, a little insight into The Running Schlub.  Now here are a few bloggers I would like to see answer some questions:

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Questions for everyone to answer:

1.                   What is something people might be surprised to learn about you?
2.                   What is one place on your travel must-see bucket list?
3.                   What’s your current go-to work out song?
4.                   What is your favorite distance to run?
5.                   What would you do with a $1000 gift card?
6.                   If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be?
7.                   What would you sing at Karaoke night?
8.                   If you could travel back in time, what year would you travel to?
9.                   Aside from necessities, what one thing could you not go a day without?
10.               How many pairs of shoes do you own?


  1. Great answers :) I enjoyed PP and PP2 for sure :) The bantering between Elizabeth Banks and the guy commentator cracked me up!
    I would die with out music on runs lol
    A Go Pro would be a great investment.

    1. HA...I agree, they were a great part of the movie as well.

      Oh come on, hearing yourself dying while you run is all the sounds you need during a long run.

  2. Fun! Thanks for playing along.

  3. Link ups like this (or whatever they are called) are always fun. I feel like you end up learning more about someone that you otherwise would with regular blogging - definitely true in your case! Thanks for nominating me :) I plan to join in!

    1. I agree, you get some interesting tid bits when people answer off the wall questions.

  4. Fun! I will be posting my answers next! I hope you get a Go-Pro!

  5. For some reason I am NOT surprised that you love PP! :) That chocolate cake sounds really good....Thanks for nominating me!

  6. Thank you for nominating me! I'm going to do this next week! :)

    I could totally see you taking on Comrades some year ... and I'm sure Sage will go back and run it again someday!

  7. I finally watched Pitch Perfect for the first time a few months ago...and loved it! My niece has watched both and excitedly told me there is a Pitch Perfect 3 scheduled for 2017!! Haha, she is more than excited.


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