Hello, thank you for joining me along my journey of becoming a Runner! I've always been an active guy, played sports in high school and continued into adult recreation sports after high school. As I started my family and found a career, the activity level slowly decreased. Well my Fiance had enough of our lazy ways and started on the Weight Watchers program and completely overhauled our daily meals. Step 2 was getting more active, so we decided to JOG our annual Juvenile Diabetes charity walk and actually enjoyed the activity. The month following the charity walk, we signed up for our first official 5K and had an absolute blast. From that point forward I have officially been BIT by the running bug and this is my journey to becoming a RUNNER!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Get My Head Out of My......

Today is more of a reflection and written reminder to myself as my training slowly becomes focused on the marathon.  I’m overwhelmingly guilty of getting overzealous when it comes to the things I enjoy.  This causes me go full steam ahead and throw some caution to the wind.  With that being said, I really need to be conscious of this and stick to my training plan or alter it appropriately if the situation arises.  The reason I bring this up is because Saturday’s run was a little much and I very easily could have derailed my whole marathon training before it even got started.

Two Saturdays ago, I struggled through a six mile run.  At the time I couldn’t figure out what was holding me back but actually clicked off some good splits in the last three miles.  Monday came around and suddenly I was battling a cold.  Resting and medicine caused me to miss some miles Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday I was finally able to get back out and knock out a little 2 mile run.  So taking a look at my miles, the plan was to run about 15 miles between Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Thursday went well enough and I knocked out a hard trail run for 4 miles.  Friday came around and things were just crazy, we had a sporting event for our son, it started raining, and I just didn’t get to run.  So what was the thought process??  “I’m in marathon training….I need to log my miles!!”

So I had the brilliant idea to just double up on Saturday and run 10 miles.  Yup….smart!!  Now let’s go over the run first, it was a fantastic run.  My legs felt strong and my stamina felt great.  I setup a mini water station for myself and hit water after miles 2 and 6.  I was able to hold about an 8:30 pace for most of the run except for when I stopped for water at miles 2 and 6, and closing out the run for mile 10.  So the only issue I had during this run was my calf cramping up in the last mile.  This is totally understandable considering my longest run in the last three weeks was 8 in DC and 6 last Saturday.   So I came home and stretched, took a shower, then relaxed for the rest of the night.  Next morning I woke up with slightly sore legs and a slightly tight left IT Band.  This is what has me pounding myself in the head.

Now I’ve been stretching and massaging my IT Band for good measure and it feels fine.  I don’t have any pain so its general tightness from throwing down a long run.  But this is also why I felt it was important to write a post about healthy training and not going outside of my current fitness level.  I would have been better off missing that Friday run of 4 or 5 miles and getting back at it next week rather than testing my limits and possible injury.  My fitness level wouldn’t have been impacted one bit by that one 4 or 5 mile run.  So this post will serve as my reminder that this is a slow and steady build to 26.2 miles.  I don’t need to be covering that distance any time soon.  Train smart and stay injury free.

Go ahead lay it on me, let me know how monumentally stupid it was for me to throw down that 10 miles….although stubborn, I’m a big proponent for accountability!!


  1. Patience, my friend! If I miss a long run on the weekend, I will try and squeeze it in on a weekday (provided it isn't too long!)

  2. DON'T make me say "I told you so"!! <3

  3. ^ Awwwww :)

    I think it was good to have learned this lesson so early on in training. It's better to have had this experience now than 10 weeks from now when you're knee deep in marathon training!


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