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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Truly Amazing Weekend

Good Morning everyone! 

This whole weekend was truly amazing.  I’ve always made sure to honor our veterans and active duty military on the appropriate holidays but after this weekend, I need to do more.  In the past I would throw a post up on Facebook, make a post on my blog, and then place our American flag out front of our house.  That just seems lame after everything we did this weekend.  This year took my patriotism to a whole different level and it made me truly appreciate what our service men and women do for us. 

It started out in DC visiting my buddy and true like American hero Sgt. Kenny Schall and ended running alongside one of our soldiers as he ran 5 miles to remember his buddies that were lost in battle.  I can honestly tell you, nothing is more humbling than hearing a soldier tell you about random strangers coming up to them to thank them for their service or stopping them in the grocery store to tell the soldiers kids that their dad is a real life hero. 

I met this soldier at Church, we have been acquaintances for some time now, but have not spent a lot of time outside of Church.  When I saw the Facebook post that he would be running for Memorial Day, I knew I had to join.  When I spoke with him briefly at Church on Sunday he told me that he usually runs on the military holidays all by himself…..WHAT?!?!  Uh yeah now I absolutely needed to run with him.  Even when I showed up at the starting location yesterday, there were only 4 of us… but running with him as his flag was waving in the breeze, it was amazing.  Cars and trucks were honking, motorcycles were revving their engines, and even an ambulance hit the sirens as they all passed by him running with his flag.  I told him that from now on, if he is running, I’ll be right there with him.  Once I got home I told Mrs. Schlub that we need to blow this thing up, there is no reason this soldier should be running by himself on these special holidays when he has done so much for our country.  So his next run is 4th of July and we plan to have a nice size group running alongside him and his American Flag.  That’s the least we can do right??

So, I have a ton of video from over the weekend that I need to edit and stitch together.  I hope to have those up this week.  In the mean time here is a small clip from our run yesterday.

What did you do for Memorial Day?  How did you honor our veterans and service men and women??


  1. I love it! Creating your own memorial run tradition, that's a beautiful thing ;)

    When you have time read the story link. That's my father-in-laws brother. We had an amazing service in MD a few years ago to properly bury him. It was beautiful - so many people showed up to welcome him and honor him.

    1. Wow that is an amazing story. Hearing the way he speaks about his brother, so much respect and love, you can hear how special of a person he was. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. This is great, Richard. Truly a way to honor those who serve!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Richard! I bet the stories you heard were so powerful and emotional.

  4. That is a great way to spend Memorial day Richard! I really admire your passion and enthusiasm . it's very inspiring. Look forward to seeing more video~

  5. What a great Memorial Day! I can't wait to see the rest of the videos you took. When I was a kid we would always go out to watch Rolling Thunder on Memorial Day. Pretty wild! It's so many motorcycles going by and it's so loud. Skip to about 6 minutes in and you'll see:


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