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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Was That the Boston Marathon?

Here is my annual Boston Marathon post.  We all know the blogging world is going to be filled with them, but for me this year had a little different meaning.  Last year I watched Meb take first place, I knew he was a US athlete from what the announcers were talking about, so I immediately told myself I was cheering for that guy.  This year I was looking on with a new respect and knowledge of the sport.  Sage was going after his OTQ, Meb was defending his title, and a whole group of elite athletes on both the men’s and women’s sides were on display for all us casual runners to be amazed by.

I was as nervous for Sage going after his OTQ as I normally get on my own race day.  I watched his video update from the night before on Monday morning and knew he was going to be battling the elements.  As the elite men toed the line I looked for him behind all the lead runners and was able to grab this screen shot on my phone.  Sage was not in the lead pack so I didn’t catch him in the video/radio coverage but was tracking him throughout on the BAA website.  In the end Sage missed the OTQ by 1min 19sec…..Ahhhhhh so close.  Waiting to see his race report.

Speaking of the lead pack, the one HUGE take away I had from the race was that Des Linden is a BADA$$.  Again, last year I was extremely new to running and didn’t know many of the runners where this year I knew a lot of the top runners.  I DID NOT know Des but I sure do know her now.  She ran track at Arizona State University so all the more reason for me to cheer her on throughout the race.  Des took the lead around mile 4 and bounced in and out of the lead until around the 24 mile mark when the top 3 finishers broke away.  It was awesome to see her race strategy and inspiring to see the aggressive effort she put into the race. 

After the race, I told Mrs. Schlub that I would love to train and earn a spot into Boston.  Taking most of the first part of this year off due to PF I know that we are a long time away from that but it’s a goal to shoot for.  Who knows, maybe I’ll steal a page from Sage and start a Boston Qualifier series much like his OTQ video series LOL.

Let me know your thoughts on this year’s Boston Marathon


  1. You have the speed to do it! I think I will always have to watch and live vicariously lol
    I can not imagine how frustrating it is to miss something by a minute a few seconds.

  2. I was most pumped about Ritz (a former CU guy). Of course, CU won't recognize this at all publicly and will instead talk about the multi-million dollar facility being built for our trash-tier football team (I'm not bitter). I found the women's finish to be far more exciting then the men all assumed their positions a few miles from the finish. If i'm not mistaken I believe the lead woman was smiling throughout the sprint finish, which was both inspiring and disturbing.

    You could definitely qual if you really go for it. The times seem well attainable for anyone who is willing to put in the work. Different than the OTQ's which require quite a bit more work and a certain genetic advantage. A fun goal, but at the same time, 26.2 miles of asphault that costs about $100? Eh, I'll pass on that particular challenge for now :)

  3. It was a great to watch for US fans...I was proud of Ritz too! Desi-amazing.
    SO FUN!

  4. Desi has been one of my favorites for a few years now! I think she ran an awesome race at Boston and I can't wait to see her made a bid for another Olympic team! Boston is so inspirational.


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