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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Houston We Have A Problem...Maybe name is Richard...and I over train.

So my feet have been bothering me.  Yesterday, my feet were really bothering me so I started doing research about plantar fasciitis.  Sounds pretty d$@# close to what is happening.

When I get out of bed, my feet are really stiff and it takes a few steps to loosen up.  That seems to be one of the sure sign of plantar fasciitis.  My work shoes are not helping, the past few days I have been spending more time at my desk so I can leave my shoes off because long periods of time just make my feet ache.

So why did this happen??  My mileage has been ok but I think I've been training on too much elevation.  Over the last two weeks I've accumulated around 5000 feet of elevation gain, which isn't much but it's way more than I typical do.  I've also been slacking on my foot plant and have been landing a little too much on the ball of my feet.  Lastly, I've been slacking on my stretching and strength training.

Now what am I doing to remedy this issue?? I've been icing my feet a lot to alleviate the inflammation.  I got gel insoles for my work shoes to improve the cushion.  I'm rolling the bottom of my feet to try and stretch out those muscles. Last, I'm resting.

Buster and I drove to our neighborhood park (it's only half a mile away) so I could walk on the soft grass.  I was wearing my trail shoes and my feet felt perfectly fine.  So Buster and I jogged a slow mile.  I'm hoping I'm on the road to recovery because I've got big races in the coming weeks and want to be healthy for those events.

Help me out here, any info to diagnose plantar fasciitis??  Any suggestions to remedy this injury??


  1. Ack! I hope it's not PF! When I thought I had PF (or a stress fracture) last year I went to the podiatrist and it turned out just to be some metatarsal thing that with rest and metatarsal pads went away within a week. I hope it's the same thing for you!

    Is the pain in the ball of your foot, sometimes radiating to the top (the area where your shoe laces rest)? If so, definitely check out metatarsal pads. You can get them at CVS for like $1.00 and they alleviate the pressure from the ball of your foot while the metatarsal is healing speeding up recovery.

  2. Okay, while I normally think it is douchey to comment on someone's blog with a link to their own blog post... I am going to do it! I had a rip roaring case of PF two summers ago but luckily with some TLC it went away really fast. I wrote about it with some good tips to make it go away quickly... which unfortunately is to STOP RUNNING! (However, no running for a week(ish) is way better than no running for MONTHS. PF is no joke.

  3. I had a round of PF a couple of years ago and it came on when I got new shoes and added speed work but didn't properly adjust my stride (too much heel striking). I ended up being able to see a lot of relief by reducing my training, cutting out speed and hill work for a bit, and strengthening my kinetic chain. PF can result from muscle imbalances/weaknesses, so don't think only of your feet but think of other leg/hip parts that maybe contributing. In your case with all the added elevation I would consider calf tightness or even hip strength, both could lead to an altered stride if they are overworked. Foot rolling was a big help to me as well as foot and hip strengthening. I agree with Megan that I feel douchey linking to myself, but if the information is helpful to you, that is what is most important!
    Hope you see some relief soon!

  4. It sounds like you are doing a good job remedying this situation. I have never dealt with pf personally...I bet Megan and "EB" have some great suggestions in their blogs. As to rolling your feet--use a lacrosse ball or a tennis ball.
    Good luck!

  5. I had a scare of this (or it was post-tib issues which is generally in the same area) a few months ago here is what I did.

    1. Be without shoes whenever possible. At work I take my shoes off under my desk, at home I never where shoes (maybe slippers if its cold, but you're in AZ so I guess that doesn't matter).

    2. Keep a tennis/base/raquet ball under your desk to roll your feet over.

    3. Stretch everything. I'm slowly realizing that a pain in your foot can be because your glutes are tight. If everything is just pulling on eachother, somewhere things will hurt. The only effective way to stretch (for me I've found) is to start at the glutes and work your way down (quads, hams, calfs, shins) if you don't do everything things don't quite work as they should.

    4. Along with #3, roll everything (except IT band), this also relieves tightness.

    5. Do some easy barefoot jogs in the grass (a fake turf field is best for me), go very slow and feel each part of each step. Focus on a lifting motion rather than a pushing motion, this should alleviate the stress given to the fascia (at least it feels like that).

    I think the ball is the most important thing, I lost mine a few weeks ago and am starting to notice. Good luck.

    1. I would also wonder if its post-tib for you given I got mine when I mega-ramped up my elevation. The sign for me was that my inner calf was very tight, though I could only really tell when I stretched it.

  6. Ugh, PF is the worst! Is it mostly a heal pain? Or something more?

    I had it two summers in a row - separate foot, each summer. Have you tried sleeping with a boot at night? What happens is the fascia tenses up at night, and that is why it hurts so much in the am when you step on it. I actually think the opposite of what Cordis's first point was helps - always wear supportive shoes. Letting it tighten up is what makes it worse! And yeah, stretch, ice, and roll a ball under. Good luck!

  7. PF is not fun!! Is the pain worse after sitting/laying down? Can you run past the point of pain?
    Rolling your feet/foot on a tennis ball when you are sitting down might help.
    Good luck!

  8. Ouch, sorry to hear about the pain :/ I don't know what can help.. But if my feet ever annoy me I just roll them on a tennis ball (if that makes any sense haha) and it normally helps :)

  9. Yuck, PF pain is no good! I haven't really had any experience with it personally, but my running buddy did for about a year. One thing she said helped her was to write the ABC's with her feet just before falling asleep and then again when you wake up in the morning before you get out of bed. Hope that helps!


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