Hello, thank you for joining me along my journey of becoming a Runner! I've always been an active guy, played sports in high school and continued into adult recreation sports after high school. As I started my family and found a career, the activity level slowly decreased. Well my Fiance had enough of our lazy ways and started on the Weight Watchers program and completely overhauled our daily meals. Step 2 was getting more active, so we decided to JOG our annual Juvenile Diabetes charity walk and actually enjoyed the activity. The month following the charity walk, we signed up for our first official 5K and had an absolute blast. From that point forward I have officially been BIT by the running bug and this is my journey to becoming a RUNNER!

Monday, December 22, 2014

I Do Remember How to Run

Don’t know if you can consider this run a full on training run but I got back out there Sunday morning.  Saturday night we had a little get together at our house and put the fire pit to good use. On a side note, our family grew up camping in Northern Arizona all our lives and nothing is better than a nice warm fire on a cool Arizona night. 

Friends of ours had to drive separate cars to our house so I told them I would drop off one of their cars in the morning and start my run from their house.  Dropped off the car, powered up my watch, and away I went.  Honestly, I felt really awkward and uncoordinated for the first part of this run lol.  I was monitoring my foot and my left hamstring the whole time but they seemed to be fine.  I didn’t have a distance in mind since Sunday is normally my day off and I really just wanted to get back out there and shake out my legs.

So I ended up with 1.30 miles from our friend’s house back to my house.  My stride started to smooth out after about a quarter mile so that was good.  In the end my foot was fine when I got home and no pain this morning when I woke up.  Today we are packing up for a quick family trip we are taking tomorrow so I’m not sure if I will have time for a run tonight but it felt good to get the legs working again.

How do you manage your training schedule through the Christmas and New Year Holidays?


  1. me up to a mile to finally get in a rhythm. I wonder if we look any different on those uncoordinated days, or if we just look the same but it feels different to us?

    1. I'm commenting from my phone and somehow managed to only post the second half of my comment :) I think the first part went something like this: Glad you were able to get in a little run. Miles are miles. Isn't it weird how we have days where its hard to get into a rhythm? Sometimes it takes me... (comment continues above lol)

  2. I always feel a bit uncoordinated for the first mile... or two... or three! haha That's why I love long runs so much. It takes me a good five miles to really feel like I've got a great rhythm going most days!

    Hope your family has a great week!!!!

    To stay on track through the holidays I think it helps to plan out how many miles you want to run each day and to know EXACTLY when in the day you can fit them in. That's how I got through it last year and I hope it'll work again this year!

  3. Dude, exactly how I feel during holidays! Especially with all the practically mandatory consumption of mass quantities of sugar, I'm always thinking "I really should probably not eat this" haha. But as silly as it sounds there is more to life than running (I still have trouble with the concept personally!). I just do what I can and try not to fret the days I miss or metric tons of eggnog I drink.

  4. How do I manage training during the holidays?? POORLY! I try not to give myself too much grief over it, because when it's over, I will have time to catch up. We are hosting 17 people for Christmas, and then have family staying with us for the next 7 days...I will try and squeeze in some miles here and there...
    Enjoy your trip and the time with the family! Merry Christmas!

  5. My training gets all mixed around during the holidays. I have big plans to stay on track... then no. I have no problem getting runs in, it's getting to the gym to lift in which I lack motivation and then I end up running instead. I have no problem getting up extra early to squeeze in a run, but getting up extra early to head to the gym is depression. Today is a gym day, but since we have nothing else on the schedule I am not dreading it as much.


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