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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We Honor Their Service

Veterans Day!!!

Today is the day we get to celebrate the service of ALL military service men and women.

Two stories to share to honor this day.

I was very young and my whole family road trip to one of the air based here in AZ.  We all had signs and noise makers to welcome home my uncle from operation desert storm.  Being around so many people completely ecstatic to be welcoming home their family members and friends, you never forget something like that.

In 2005 one of my best friends paid the ultimate sacrifice serving in the U.S. Army while stationed in Iraq.  The pain of losing someone close hurts every day.  His family and all of his friends still get together to this day to celebrate his life.  You never forget how much you miss the ones you lost, but remembering the good times you had makes you thank heaven for bringing that person into your life.

All our service men and women are true American heroes so make sure to celebrate all their service, be it past and present.


  1. Good post. We should never forget!

  2. I agree! Happy Veteran's Day Richard~

  3. Thanks for sharing the story of your friend - personal stories always make such a strong impact!

  4. Good post and a good reminder - freedom doesn't come free. My grandpa is a WWII veteran. And after he came home he played trumpet in the US Navy Band. My dad still works for the Navy and when asked he'll tell you his job is to make sure we sleep safely at night.

  5. Well said!! I am sorry for your loss.----->"All our service men and women are true American heroes so make sure to celebrate all their service, be it past and present". SO true!!

  6. I can't imagine the feeling of being around all of those men and women returning home - what a marvelous thing to witness! And a thank you to your best friend (and all of those serving)!

  7. Thanks for sharing these stories. I'm so sorry about your friend :(

    Ps, you're nominated!


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