Hello, thank you for joining me along my journey of becoming a Runner! I've always been an active guy, played sports in high school and continued into adult recreation sports after high school. As I started my family and found a career, the activity level slowly decreased. Well my Fiance had enough of our lazy ways and started on the Weight Watchers program and completely overhauled our daily meals. Step 2 was getting more active, so we decided to JOG our annual Juvenile Diabetes charity walk and actually enjoyed the activity. The month following the charity walk, we signed up for our first official 5K and had an absolute blast. From that point forward I have officially been BIT by the running bug and this is my journey to becoming a RUNNER!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Endurance Run and Guess What I Did

Today I got home from work and really needed to get in a few miles.  I headed out around 7 pm, the sun was down but it was still 109* outside.  I was able to knock out 4.5 miles and hold a pretty good pace throughout.  I was happy to get the endurance training in but I definitely prefer running early in the morning before the sun comes up.

So guess what I did on Wednesday night during my rest day.  STRENGTH TRAINING!!!

Our oldest has one of those all-in-one weight benches so I thought it was about time that I started using it.  Used very low weight until I get in the groove of things but got in some pretty quality sets.  I ended up doing a full body workout using the following lifts:

1) Lunges
2) Shrugs
3) Curls
4) Side squats
5) Planks
6) Side plank with leg lift

I'm hoping to add this to my work out plan so that my legs get used to the weight training.  Super excited to start, now I just need to stick with it moving forward.

Anybody racing this weekend?  What is your workout plan this weekend??


  1. Great job with the weights! We have a Bow Flex, which I have never taken the time to figure out...I stick with the hand weights, or body weight...

    I have a 10k on Sunday as part of my marathon training plan...and an easy 3 miler on weeks training looks like a recovery week is on the plan!

    I have started working on the may take a while...:)

    1. This one is free weights too, those bow flexs seem crazy.

      Good luck at the 10K. Let me know how your recovery week differs from mine.

      CAnt wait to see the blog.

  2. YAY STRENGTH!! I have never done so much strength training in my life as I have in the past month and I have really been enjoying it. I am most definitely not racing this weekend, but I am going to attempt a slow "long" run tomorrow which will probably include some walking too.

    1. Your going to be better of when you get back to running. Oh man "slow" run, I hope it goes well.

  3. Nice!!! This fall we're all going to be faster, stronger, better runners!

    This weekend is 13 miles with 3 fast finish miles for me. It's too hot for racing :)

    1. I hope so, cant deny the effort lol.

      Wow 15 miles then 13 miles, you really are in marathon training!

  4. I've stayed on the bike all week, definitely a much needed break from all of the impact. I think I should replace my easy runs with bikes, its a fun change of pace, zero impact and uses slightly different muscles.

    Since I'm not in classes right now the student rec costs money. Once classes start I should really follow your example and get in some strength work. Good injury prevention too! I follow some of Sally McRae's injury prevention routines. She appears to have success with them.

    1. I love throwing the bike in there, I just need to do it a bit more. I am not on the strength training boat 100% but im giving it a try and we will see what happens.

  5. Hey, here is a link to the start of the un-named blog...I would appreciate feedback.

  6. Great job on the work out! I always find it tricky trying fit to leg exercises in during the week because often I am too sore to run the next day lol I am overheating just thinking about running in 109 degrees lol great job!

  7. I have taken a week off of strength training and I need to get back into it! I noticed that it gets addicting as well as running does. I can't imagine running in 109!!! Great job :D


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