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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Greatest Interview Ever PART II

So I have totally been geeking out since yesterday as I looked forward to writing this post.  Since doing my first ever blogger interview with my Fiance, it was time to reach and conduct blogger interview number two.  And OH BOY is interview number two freakin awesome.

Taking time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions for me, fresh off his win at the 2014 Tarawera Ultra Marathon in New Zealand, I present blogger interview Part II with none other than Mr. Sage Canaday!!

Sage is a 2-time olympic trial qualifier, and was the youngest participant in the Olympic marathon trials at the age of 21 in 2007.  In 2012 Sage transitioned to running ultra marathons and trail running quickly becoming one of the top competitors internationally across the sport.  Sage recently competed in the 2014 Tarawera Ultra Marathon finishing the 69km race in 05:33:38, which was 18 min faster than second place, and wrapping up back to back wins at Tarawera.  Next up for Sage is the Lake Sonoma 50 coming up on April 12.  You can find Sage's website at where he has his blog posts, you can purchase his book Running For The Hansons, watch a ton of videos from his production company Vo2max Productions (Great training videos by the way), and even contact Sage himself about training and coaching.

Sage is by far one of my favorite runners and was one of the reasons I tried trail running.  So I am super excited and really honored he took the time to answer some questions for me.  That being said, here is my blogger interview with Sage Canaday!!

1) What does Sage Canaday do when he is not running?

I'm a social media addict. Part of being online and always connected is my job (ie to help promote sponsors), but I also enjoy the business marketing side of things. When I'm not responding to emails or blog/facebook/youtube/instagram/twitter comments then I'm editing videos.

2) What do you consider your best run ever?

Probably when I qualified for my first US Olympic Trials marathon in 2007 at the age of 21 by running a 2:21:43. It was at the Grandma's Marathon and it was a brutally hot year...I had already missed the trials standard by 21 seconds earlier in the year in good weather on a faster course (Houston) so this was a last ditch effort and I felt the odds were stacked against me. However, on that day I persevered, ran a perfect race and qualified with 17 seconds to spare. I puked on the finish line and was taken away to the medical tent in a wheelchair but it was probably the happiest moment of my running career to date. 

3) What is your weekly mileage and weekly vert averaging around this time?

I try to get up over 90 miles to 100 miles a week in training when I have a block of training between races (rare because I race too much). My vert is usually in the 8,000 to 12,000 foot range. I went up to 20,000+ before UROC last fall and I think it caused me to overtrain.

4) You felt most like a badass runner when.......

In my first ultra (Chuckanut 50km, 2012) I fell and cut my knee open during the race. Before that I had gotten lost and ran an extra mile up and down a big hill. I still ended up getting 2nd overall (as well as 5 stitches on the finish line).

5) What is Sage Canaday's guilty pleasure? (beer, chocolate, etc)

Mainly strong Avery Double IPAs. I also like chocolate though!

6) Would you rather look good on a bad run or look silly on a good run?

I think I always look kind of silly anyway so for sure the latter!

7) What is one technical tip that will immediately improve a beginners performance?

Add uphill tempo runs and workouts to your training schedule!

8) I cant run without __________

Having coffee first.

9)  What is one thing you hate about running?

Hate is a pretty strong word...I guess sometimes there are things that i dislike such as car exhaust and bad drivers. Fortunately here in Boulder there are tons of trails away from roads and vehicles so that is a rare encounter for me.

10) If you could delivery one message to all the newb runners out there what would it be?

Consistency is the name of the game. It's much better to get in regular runs than go "all or nothing" and injure yourself from a crazy long run or fast workout that you went too fast/too hard on. To train consistently you have to stay healthy.
 Hope you all had a good read!!


  1. Awesome choice to interview Sage Canaday - love following his races! Great interview!

    1. I know, super crazy he even was up for it. Really adds to my liking of him as a runner

  2. Awesome interview--How did you meet him?

    1. Actually didn't meet him in person. I visit his site a lot and we have emailed back and forth before. Took a chance in asking him to answer some questions and to my surprise he said yes. Next step is to run an ultra and net him in person lol.

    2. Way to go! Just goes to show it never hurts to ask! I visited his site after reading your interview--I will have to check in there more often

  3. What a great interview and what an awesomely cool guy! I don't follow enough elites, I guess because they seem like they are in such a different league, but I need to start. Inspiring!

    1. There are some great runners out there, and just like any sport they really show all of us what is possible with hard work.

  4. This is awesome! Sage is one of my favorite ultra runners to follow because he seems to down to earth and also so absolutely in love with running and improving. I interviewed Mike Wardian once (ultra runner from DC) and found him also incredibly approachable. You should try contacting him next!

    1. I get the same impression. You have to admire someone who is that passionate about what they do, really inspiring.

      Thanks for the suggestion, I'm going to look into Mike.

  5. How did I just find this...? haha that's so cool you got to interview him!


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