Hello, thank you for joining me along my journey of becoming a Runner! I've always been an active guy, played sports in high school and continued into adult recreation sports after high school. As I started my family and found a career, the activity level slowly decreased. Well my Fiance had enough of our lazy ways and started on the Weight Watchers program and completely overhauled our daily meals. Step 2 was getting more active, so we decided to JOG our annual Juvenile Diabetes charity walk and actually enjoyed the activity. The month following the charity walk, we signed up for our first official 5K and had an absolute blast. From that point forward I have officially been BIT by the running bug and this is my journey to becoming a RUNNER!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Is This a Success?

So I am fairly new to this blogging thing.  Technically haven't even been blogging for a month yet. of today I have had 1,229 page views.  I think this is remarkable!!  Now I still think a majority of these page views are myself and my Fiance (love you baby) but this still has me pretty excited.  It makes me want to keep writing and keep tracking my progress and the ups and downs of being a runner.

So with that I want to thank all of you who ever read a post and those who come regularly to see what is going on.  I know I get a lot out of reading other runners blogs so I just hope I am paying it back in my own experiences.

Found this on Google, not my own pic lol


  1. That is a very good start. Keep up the good work. :)

  2. Thanks David! I still think its primarily me creating those page views lol

  3. I blogged for months w/o a comment and just a few sad right, but I did enjoy looking back at race recaps or something specific about how I was progressing or struggling and I bet you will too. I really enjoy when folks tell about their runs, what shoes they wear, their high and lows, I love hearing it all. keep up the great work :)

  4. That is what I love reading about as well. Most of the blogs I read have outstanding race recaps, I really feel like I'm there with them, without all the pain of the run of course. We are signed up for a run in April so I'll have to recap that when it comes.


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