Hello, thank you for joining me along my journey of becoming a Runner! I've always been an active guy, played sports in high school and continued into adult recreation sports after high school. As I started my family and found a career, the activity level slowly decreased. Well my Fiance had enough of our lazy ways and started on the Weight Watchers program and completely overhauled our daily meals. Step 2 was getting more active, so we decided to JOG our annual Juvenile Diabetes charity walk and actually enjoyed the activity. The month following the charity walk, we signed up for our first official 5K and had an absolute blast. From that point forward I have officially been BIT by the running bug and this is my journey to becoming a RUNNER!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Some Exciting News

Happy Thursday Everyone!!

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from the blog world.  Work has been crazy busy, school started a few weeks back, and youth sports is starting back up again.  Definitely a lot going on!!

Not to worry though, my running has been pretty solid lately and I’m still in a fantastic groove when it comes to my trail running.  This week will be 4 consecutive weeks with roughly 30 miles per week and because of this recent groove, I’ve got big news to share with all of you….

I am officially making the jump into the ULTRA world.  Ok full disclosure I haven’t signed up yet…….but I’m planning to run my first 50K either the middle of November or the beginning of December.  I can’t tell you how excited I am and at the same time equally nervous to make this jump.  There are a few things that I need to break down to help me determine which race I’m going to make my Ultra debut.  Primarily location and course layout but as of right now I’m all in on one of these two races.

I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “how do you plan to get ready for your first Ultra??”  Well I’m glad you asked because I have no d$%# idea how I’m going to get ready for this thing lol.  I’ve been bouncing ideas off the organizer of my running group and I think the plan I’ve been using over the last year is going to work out.  I just need to keep building my mileage and pretty much train as I would for the marathon.  We were talking through my ability to get ready for 31 miles over the next 12 weeks or so and he feels that I can definitely be ready by then.  Gotta be honest, I’ve been trying to build up my long runs with the intent to be ready for races in the Fall/Winter which includes a 15 mile trail run this past Sunday.  So glad I did that because it was the perfect base building to get ready for this race.

Huge news and I’m super excited.

If you’ve run an ultra let me know how you got ready for your first one.  If you have not, let me know how you WOULD get ready for your first one

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Manitou Incline Video

I would still like to do a Vlog because it was such an epic trip which was capped off by the Incline...

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Do You Have Running MOJO??

Hey everyone, Happy Tuesday!!

I have my Manitou Incline video ready to go so I’m loading that to YouTube and Blog tonight so you will have to come back tomorrow to check that out.

I’m not a “weekly recap” kind of person these days, I primarily like sharing the running adventures that I’m blessed to accomplish as well as the beautiful scenery in the different locations I get to run.  But I’m going to make an exception today because I am pretty proud of the last couple weeks and what’s the use of having a running blog if you can’t brag about your accomplishments right lol….

7/31/16 – 8/6/16 – 30.09 miles and 3,515 feet of elevation gain

8/7/16 – 8/13/16 – 28.90 miles and 4,690 feet of elevation gain

The last time I ran 30 miles in one week was back in February and that included 26.2 miles during my second marathon.  So to be close to that in back to back weeks plus over 8,000 feet of climbing is pretty awesome.  The part that I’m most proud of is that I’m injury free right now and my legs feel great during “most” of my runs.  I say that because I got together with some guys from my run group this morning and man oh man was I suffering through our six miles.  Regardless, I’m in a great mindset right now, I’m loving running and look forward to most of my runs.  I’ve started talking to Mrs. Schlub about some upcoming trail races because as of right now the only thing I have officially planned is a half marathon next February.  That is way too far away and I’d hate to lose this mojo I have right now.  Why not take advantage and knock out some trail races right???

When was the last time you had some good running MOJO??

Just because here are some random sunrise pictures from the past couple weeks….

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Manitou Incline

I kept this under wraps because I wasn't sure if I could make it happen.  Work sent me out to Colorado Springs for a conference.  I immediately scoured the internet and found that the Incline was 20 min from my hotel......ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!

This morning I caught a ride over and arrived about 530 am.  Come to find out an officer was waiting at the trailhead advising that the trail opens at 600 am.  But if I'm running the Youk Trail that is open 24 hours wink wink.  So I made my way up and found myself staring at this iconic location.

Stock photo because all my shots are on the gopro
Let me deviate real quick, I got a HUGE variety of estimated times to the top of the Incline.  The most reasonable as that 45 min to the top was a really foot effort.

So I started climbing about 545 am.  I started out in a slow trot and quickly came to a screeching halt and was power hiking like crazy.  About 3/4 way up i snapped this shot....AMAZING!!

I was dying, I was grinding, but I made it to the top in 38:59...and man oh man I'm pretty damn happy about that.  Didn't have a ton of time because I had to get back to the conference so I started to head down when a crazy thing happened.

It's not recommended to hike back down the Incline.  It's steep, loose footing, and tons of traffic.  The other option is the Barr Trail which is all downhill, a ton of switch backs, and about 3 miles in length.  I saw another trail runner heading down so I thought "don't know where I'm going so I'll follow this guy."  Turns out he is an ultra runner and he was BOMBING down the trail.  Not wanting to get lost I tucked in and did the best I could to keep up.  Afterwards I thanked him, and he told me that people usually don't keep up with him on the downhill.  Hell yeah...HUGE pat on the back lol.  Then he was kind enough to give me a ride to the awesome is this running / trail running community.  So awesome!!

Such an amazing experience.  Never thought in my wildest dream I would be crawling up the Manitou Incline.  Sorry for lack of pictures but I have a ton of video and will be sharing later this week.  So you have to come back lol.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Saturday Trail Run

Some shots from my trail run on Saturday.  Closed with a special treat!!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Come Along for Group Run

Some shots from group run last week.  I'm finding that videos are much easier than writing my blog posts lol.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wednesday Group Run

Group run last night.  Legs felt super heavy and it was super hot.  It was 106° out when we finished at 8pm.  But man oh man the views were gorgeous.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Back From Hiatus

Hey everyone, hope your week is going well!!

I finally got out for a run this morning.  I’ve been on a small hiatus from running since last Wednesday. 

To start, middle of last week I started to get worried because my right foot was feeling tight.  I quickly started to do my stretching and massaging over a couple days to try and alleviate the tightness.  I ended up pulling a couple rest days to give my foot some down time and also dunked my foot in an ice bucket on Sunday night which seemed to do the trick.  Finally hit the mountain this morning and didn’t have any serious concerns in that foot.  Kept the effort pretty low but it felt good to get out and shake out my legs.

Two key items that directly impacted this little scare:

1)      Elevation Fever – These past few weeks I’ve been on an elevation kick and focusing on bagging as much elevation as I can grab.  Over the last five weeks I’ve accumulated almost 24,000 feet of elevation gain averaging just under 5,000 feet of elevation per week.  For me, that is a ton of climbing!!

2)      Un-factored Activities - A few weeks back, Mrs. Schlub and I started playing old man softball with some families that we know from church.  Great time, a lot of fun, but a little extra speed work that I haven’t factored into my normal running routine.  I started to notice that my hamstrings and calves were feeling tight the night after our softball games.  This always leads to extra pulling on my feet so I need to continue to monitor these activities.

As for this morning, for Arizona during the summer, it was an amazing morning.  We got some rain yesterday which made this morning a bit cooler.  Temps were right around 85* but there was also a pretty consistent breeze which felt amazing.  

Another first, I got a great look at an owl up on the mountain.  I kept my headlamp off then turned it back on right as I was pointing the camera.  GoPro doesn’t do well in low light but it’s what I had in my hand at the time.  He looked right at me and then hoo’d right at me.  I continued up the trail and he flew off handling his own business.

There you have it, a quick update filled with rest days, possible injuries, great runs, and an owl.  Man this post had a little of everything lol.

Monday, July 11, 2016

That Sh*% Was Steep

Happy Monday Everyone!!

Temps are scorching out here in AZ but I honestly think I’m having one of my best running summers EVER!!  Well I’ve really only had about 2 full running summers but that is besides the point right lol.

Saturday morning – Thompson’s Peak

About 45 minutes north of my house we have a mountain range that I had yet to run around and explore.  We had some early morning plans cancelled for Saturday so I quickly jumped online to get all the details and plan out my run.  Had some conflict in information but overall I was looking at 10-14 miles and about 2000 feet of climbing.  I had originally planned around 11 miles and 2200 feet of climbing so everything was right on.  The online reports showed that the last portion of the run would be extremely steep but hey this is Arizona right, I could handle that.  My oh my was I in for a surprise lol.

One minor problem was that the trailhead is located within a neighborhood and the trail doesn’t open until 5am which is about an hour later than I normally like to start.  I hit the parking area and started on my way right around 5am.  The first two miles were smooth and rolling through the desert.  During these first couple miles the sun was already starting to hit me so I knew the second half of this run was going to be a suffer fest in the heat.  At the 2.5 mile mark I came to the trail junction.  The trail to the summit turns into a mix of dirt/cement jeep trail and things started off well with some slight climbing.  Off in the distance I could see the trail climbing up the mountain and noticed a major item missing…no switchbacks lol.  The jeep trail climbs straight up the mountain and only in the last quarter mile has some small switchbacks.  At roughly the 3.5 mile mark, this run got REAL…REAL STEEP lol.  I ran into a guy on the way back down and he told me the upper portion of the trail is about a 40% grade…that is steep as HE%$.  Needless to say, I was running, power hiking, and crawling all the way to the summit.

It made that summit that much more gratifying.  Chalk up another summit for the year!!

The way back down was pretty interesting, that same 40% grade is extremely difficult to run down.  Even being very cautious my quads were getting blown up.  Around the 6 mile mark things started to get a bit smoother and much more manageable.  I thought I could coast on out the remaining 4 miles but man oh man was it HOT.  I stopped every so often to pour water over my head and neck then I would get back to running. 

Quality outing, run ended up being right at 10 miles with just over 2000 feet of climbing.  I took a bunch of video so I plan to have a Schlubing Adventures video up this week.

Monday morning – Usery Mountain

This morning I woke up early and hit a mountain right by the house.  The run on Saturday definitely did a number on my legs because I was just sluggish and things were slow going.  Still got to the summit, got a great view of the sunrise before heading off to work.  In my opinion, catching a summit is the best way to start out your day!!

When was the last time a run absolutely trashed your legs and you needed a few days recovery??  I was still feeling the abuse today, it’s been a while since a run did that to my legs