Hello, thank you for joining me along my journey of becoming a Runner! I've always been an active guy, played sports in high school and continued into adult recreation sports after high school. As I started my family and found a career, the activity level slowly decreased. Well my Fiance had enough of our lazy ways and started on the Weight Watchers program and completely overhauled our daily meals. Step 2 was getting more active, so we decided to JOG our annual Juvenile Diabetes charity walk and actually enjoyed the activity. The month following the charity walk, we signed up for our first official 5K and had an absolute blast. From that point forward I have officially been BIT by the running bug and this is my journey to becoming a RUNNER!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Ready To Go

Packet pickup and we are ready to go for the half marathon on Sunday...

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Getting Back On Track

Happy Thursday Everyone!!

Thanks to everyone for the congratulations on our upcoming baby.  So far everything is going well, good reports for mommy and baby, and that is about the best news we can ask for.  I'll definitely keep everyone updated as we progress along and get closer to the due date.

**Back On Track**

Just last week I posted about being in a rut and my schedule was all messed up.  I wasn't waking up early like I normally do and my overall motivation was just lack luster. 

Well....I woke up early last Saturday and got out for a pretty easy paced 10 miles then spent the rest of the day volunteering at the San Tan Scramble Ultra.  I have to say, being at the main aid station and seeing all the runners killing it out there at the race, that was more than enough motivation to get my butt back in gear.  As I was gone all day Saturday, I turned Sunday into a rest day and had every intention of coming out strong on Monday.

This week has been pretty awesome so far.  I don't want to go into a full blown weekly report but here are some highlights:

I got in some light strength training on Monday and Wednesday this week.  Friday is a rest day but I plan to get some strength training that day as well.  WHAT?!?!  I know I've gone to the dark side lol.

Tuesday - I was able to wake up early for my run.  Then I doubled up and was able to get on the mountain twice.  Solid day, ended up with 6.6 miles and 2000 feet of elevation gain.

Thursday - I woke up early again this morning.  I did a double loop with the guys in my running group.  Another solid day, ended up with 10 miles and 1400 feet of elevation gain.

Saturday - Plan to run 15 miles with the guys.

Sunday - Rock N Roll Half Marathon plus getting back out on the course for some more miles.

Not only does it feel good that I'm getting back to business and have had a much better routine this week, but my legs have felt amazing.  I should end up with about 60 miles this week which is a pretty big week, add in that my legs are holding up strong, and things are a full 180* from last week.

I'm going to try and throw some shots up on Sunday during the RnR so look out for those if you're sitting at home with nothing to do on Sunday LOL.

How's your training going this week??

Any suggested strength training exercises for a newbie like myself??

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Hey Everyone….Happy Wednesday!!

Quick update on the running front, things are slowly getting back on track.  I’ve been willing myself back into my routine and it seems to be working so far.  I’m not sure why waking up early and running in the morning has become such a task but I have to get over this lull.  This weekend I have the Rock N Roll Half Marathon and I’m not too sure how this race is going to pan out.  I basically have two thoughts on how to approach this thing:

1)      Take the GoPro, run a nice and easy pace, and finish this race as a training run.  I’ll more than likely be running 10-15 miles on Saturday so this will be the second day of a back to back weekend.  Additionally, my cousin is running her first half marathon so I may go back out on the course and run a bit with her which would add to my mileage for the day.

2)      Go out in a blaze of glory!! LOL…I was talking to Mrs. Schlub about just going out there, hammering away at the miles going after a PR, and just embracing the blow up.  Who knows, maybe my legs will hold up and I’ll be able to suffer through a PR LOL.

So we shall see.


On to more important matters.  Yes this blog is running and I think about 99.99% of my posts and topics are related to running.  I typically give very little insight into my life outside of running.  From the start this was a running blog and I try to stick with that topic as much as possible.  Who would possible want to know me outside of the running right?!?! LOL.

Drum roll please….

Today I am proud and excited to announce that Mrs. Schlub and I are expecting our fourth child.  Taaaaa…Daaaaa!!

That’s right, in our old age we are returning to diapers and baby food for the fourth time.  To be honest we’ve known for a while that we are expecting but I personally am superstitious about these types of things and wanted to wait until tests and Dr visits came back positive before we started to spreading the good news.  Mrs. Schlub got some test results back, everything looks great and it looks like we are having another baby girl.  We are truly blessed to be bringing another child into this world and this will certainly be another great chapter in our lives.  The kids are very excited to be adding a baby sister to our family and we’ve got nothing but positive encouragement from our friend and family.

A little swerve from the normal running posts but this news was too excited not to share with everyone

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Help Im in a Rut and Cant Get Out

Man oh man I’m in a rut right now….

I’ve been super lazy, been sleeping in until it’s time to head into work, and haven’t been running in the mornings.  I think it’s a combination of cold weather and getting to bed late because when my alarm goes off, all I want to do is get a couple more hours sleep and stay under the warm covers.

Is anyone else having this problem???

None the less, I wanted to give an update on the races/adventures I have coming up.  The 5 Summit Challenge that I blew up in a blaze of glory last weekend was totally spur of the moment.  To be honest, even though I only completed 60% of this challenge, I was pretty happy with my performance.  And even more honesty, I had a small celebration on the trail when I passed mile 15 and had no CRAMPING!!!  I’ll save that for another post because that could get a little long winded and rant filled lol.

So these upcoming events are planned out and pinned on my schedule:

January 7th – Volunteering

This Saturday morning I will be volunteering at the Aravaipa San Tan Scramble trail races.  I’m really excited about this as this will be my very first volunteering gig.  After my 50k a few weeks back, I really had a new appreciation for the on course volunteers.  They did an amazing job supporting us while we were racing and specifically took good care of me when I was in the lowest moments throughout the race.  Because of this I wanted to pay it forward in a small way.  Additionally, we get race credits for volunteering so that is a huge win as well. 

January 15th -  Rock N Roll Half Marathon

Last year I killed this half marathon.  I didn’t have any pre-race goals but came out strong and ended up running my very first sub 1:40.  Honestly this was one of my big accomplishments last year and even to this point I’m still really proud of that race.  So a few months after the race, a great deal came up in my email and right away I thought, “What the h@#$, I’m going for a sub 1:30”.  Fast forward and there have been some big changes in my running life.  I’ve pretty much given up road running, I’ve jumped into the ultra world, and I can honestly say I’m not looking forward to this race.  I wish I hadn’t signed up lol.  I jumped into another training cycle for a race in March so this 13 miles is actually going to be the back end of a back to back with roughly 10-15 miles the day before.  I know a few people doing some first distances like “first 10k” and “first half marathon” so that should be enough to get me out there to at least cheer them on.  As for my race, I’m pretty sure it will turn into a casual run with the GoPro, but we will see.

February 18th – Ultimate Pacer Duty – Black Canyon Ultra 100K

I’m really excited about this pacing job.  After my 50k, my coach mentioned the Black Canyon Ultras and that he was going to be doing the 100k.  They have a 60k distance and he suggested that I look into that.  Once I did some research I saw that the 100k distance gets crew support and pacing.  Being that I am 100% grateful that he helped me train for my 50k, I immediately suggested that I skip “racing” and that I would be willing to crew or pace for him if he needed.  His first response was that he had it covered but something told me not to sign up and wait a bit just in case he ended up needing anything.  Sure enough, I got the call to the big leagues lol.  So I’ll be crewing and then pacing my coach for about 15 miles of his 100k race.  This is going to be AWESOME!!

March 18th – Mesquite Canyon 50k

Some call it crazy, I call it….well crazy….but yes I’ll be jumping into another 50k.  I have about 10 weeks to get ready for this bad boy and the big change is going to be the elevation gain.  This race will have about double the elevation gain my first 50k had so I’ll be logging a ton of vert over the next 8 weeks.  This race should go much better than the first with all the knowledge and experience I’ve gained.  Looking forward to it!!

So there you have it, next three months booked up.  Hopefully I can kick this laziness because I need to get back to a normal running routine.

Is winter slowing down your training cycle?

Any pacing advice

Monday, January 2, 2017

5 Summit Challenge Video

Here is the video from my 5 summit challenge this weekend.  Plenty of commentary as I go from summit to summit.  Hope you enjoy!!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Taking on the 5 Summit Challenge

Morning guys, my Saturday long run and I've decided to join one of my Facebook running groups to tackle a 5 Summit challenge. I'll try to post as I hit each Summit but I'll definitely post as soon as I'm done. Should be a day filled with plenty of suffering but overall should be a pretty interesting day. Have a great day!


Peak 1 summit

Well I made it through 3 summits.  Vlog update coming soon.  Everyone have a great new years!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Post Christmas Running

Had to make up for the holidays so here was my run from Monday.  Man it was cold lol.

Monday, December 19, 2016

McDowell Mountain Frenzy 50k Race Recap

Hey Everyone!  Happy Christmas Week!

I hope everyone is all set for the holidays and I really hope everyone has a short week leading up to Christmas.

I have to be honest, I was all prepared to Vlog the recap from my 50k.  I must have recorded the d@#$ thing about 100 times and even went through editing for hours.  I finally gave up at the end of last week lol.  So my first ever Vlog will come someday but I really wanted to get this recap done and up on the blog.

Racemas Eve…

The night before the race, I told Mrs. Schlub that I wanted pizza for dinner.  I don’t know about anyone else but pasta doesn’t sit all that well with me.  I didn’t want to deal with that so I went with pizza and it was perfect and delicious.  Our oldest had a basketball game that night so we spent most of the night at the game and got home about 830pm.  I immediately got to work getting all my stuff together.  I got to bed around 11 which was giving me about 6 hours of sleep.


I woke up around 5am and took my time getting ready.  I grabbed a bagel with cream cheese, 2 bananas, an apple, some blueberry bread, and a bunch of waters, then headed off to the race.  I got to the park at about 645am and was able to see the start of the 50 mile race.  I was glad I got to see this, it allowed me to catch the Ultra Running Vibe and really got me excited for my race.  There was about an hour gap between the start of the 50 mile race and the 50k race, so I stayed by the fire pits, chatted with other runners in my run group who were doing different distances, and took last bits of advice from my coach.  About 745am I shed off my sweats, grabbed my pack, and it was Go Time!

Race Start…

The great thing about Aravaipa Running is they are extremely organized and very prompt.  750am they had us in the start chute giving us last minute instructions.  Then at 8am, the horn sounded, and we were off and running.  In the start chute and the first part of the race, I settled into the middle of the pack.  Unfortunately, as we started to run I felt very uncomfortable.  I felt bottled up and the pace seemed extremely slow.  I quickly passed a couple packs of runners and found myself towards the front where things were more spaced out and I could get in a good flow.  Looking back now this was probably a big mistake.  I should of stayed with one of those packs and allowed myself to grind through the first few miles.  This would of allowed my legs to warm up and really get my fueling started for the day. 

First Section – Miles 0-7.5

This first section is extremely fast and runable.  It has a lot of rolling switchbacks but is overall a net downhill.  About mile 6 it starts to climb which leads into the next section creating one long gradual climb for a few miles.  In this section my fuel and my salt intake was on point.  On the other hand my water and my gels were not on track.  Looking back I don’t think I drank enough water through this section.  It was a bit cold out and I think I neglected to really load up on water knowing that I had a long day ahead of me.  I also ran into a problem with my gels, for some reason I was only able to choke down about half the gel.  Since it was cold out, it made the consistency of my gels a bit thicker, this just didn’t sit well with my pallet and I couldn’t get the gels down.  I don’t think this led to the problems I had later in the race but when you have a race plan in place and things aren’t going exactly as you planned, it has an impact on you mentally.

I came into the first aid station at mile 7.5 in about 1 hour.  This means that over the first 7 miles I was averaging about 8:45 min/mile.  WTH!!!  This was way too fast!!!  I had originally planned to run this section pretty conservatively around 9 or 10 min/mile pace so I was bombing through this section way faster than I wanted.

Second Section – Miles 7.5-12.5

This second section is all climbing.  Starting at mile 6 or 7 you have a long gradual climb into the second aid station.  The entire climb has about 600 feet of elevation gain over the 6 miles or so.  My fueling and my salt were still right on point.  I still don’t think I was taking in enough water, I should have been taking in about double the amount of water that I was drinking.  I was still having trouble with getting my gels down but I was choking down as much as I could here and there.

I came into the second aid station at mile 12.5 in about 2 hours 15 min.  This means that in this section with all climbing I was averaging about 9:20 min/mile.  What the h#$@ happened to the race plan?!?!  I kept telling myself to slow down but every time I looked at my watch I saw mid 9 min/mile.  I know I got caught up in the race in this section.  There were other runners around and I got tucked in behind some of them.  The pace felt smooth but I should of known I was working too hard.  With all the climbing that was in this section, I think this is what really hurt me later in the race.

Section Three – Mile 12.5-18

I made sure to stop and take extra time at this aid station.  One of my shoes had come untied so I sat down and took care of that.  Took the time to refill my fueling and my water.  I wanted to push the reset button and put myself in a better place mentally.  This section has some climbing but then half way through has a pretty good amount of downhill.  I started out much better running a lot more conservative and I was seeing miles in the 11 and 12 min/mile range which was much better.  Unfortunately the damage had already been done.  I came to mile 15 and this was the start of the downhill section.  I’ve run this section before and you can really click off some fast miles through this part of the course.  I started this section pretty conservatively and very quickly my left hamstring started to cramp up.  D@#$%#!!!!  I jumped off the trail and started stretching hoping that things would subside…they didn’t.  For the next three miles I did the best I could to walk/hike/trot as much as I could.

I came to mile 18 in about 3 hours.  My mindset had completely changed and I had a new mantra that I was telling myself.  “This is no longer a race, this is survival!!”

Section Four – Mile 18-23.5

This section was the hardest on the day as it climbed to the highest point on the course.  The trail climbs about 800 feet over roughly 4 miles on tough technical trail.  In this section there was a ton of power hiking and slowly trotting the flat sections.  I was taking salt a lot more frequently than I was earlier in hopes that it would help alleviate my cramping.  This section was the toughest on me mentally.  I had to really grind through all the climbing and when I got to the high point, I was hoping to make up some time on the downhill.  Unfortunately, each time I moved faster than my body wanted me to, the cramping would flare back up in my hamstring.  Then about a mile out from the aid station I ran out of water.  I can’t tell you how much that sucked and how badly I was looking for the next aid station.

I came into the third aid station at mile 23.5 in about 4 hours 30 min.  I knew this was going to be the hardest section on the course but this was flat out a sufferfest.  My race was blown up and all I kept telling myself is that “This is all about survival now”.

Section Five – Mile 23.5-29

I took a ton of time at the third aid station.  I was drinking cold water and Gatorade like crazy.  I talked to my coach a few times about fruit on the course but man oh man the watermelon looked good.  I grabbed a few slices and they really hit the spot in this moment.  They didn’t give me any problems the rest of the day which was good.

I headed out from the aid station with the same plan in place, power hike the climbs, trot the flat and downhill sections, and take as much salt as I can.  I was literally taking salt every other minute trying to get some type of running. 

**Funny Side Story**

About mile 27 this older gentleman comes up from behind “Hey how are you doing?  You don’t look to be doing so well today.  Yeah I’m having a pretty rough day also.”  It was a real nice break it a really tough day to have someone to chat with and just let some of the time pass by.  It allowed me to get my mind off the aches in my knees and the cramping in my hamstrings.  The funny part is that after a few minutes he tells me “Ok I’m going to head off” and away he goes completely blowing my doors off.  I was laughing to myself because all I could think is “any other day and I would be blowing right past this old guy, but today here he is making me look like a fool” LOL.  Honestly it was a complete benefit and really helped me through this section.

I came into the fourth aid station at mile 29 in just under 6 hours.  I was just grinding through and at this point I knew I was almost done.

Section Six – Mile 29-32.42

I made a critical mistake at this aid station.  Honestly I thought I was almost done.  I thought I had 2 miles left so I only filled up my flask and didn’t put water into the bladder in my pack.  Turns out I had three and a half miles to the finish line.  Not disastrous but some cold water would have been nice in the climbs that were coming up.

I headed out of the last aid station with the same plan, power hike the climbs, and slowly trot the flats and downhill’s.  I was drinking water as much as I could and at this point my tongue was RAW from all the salt I was taking.  But this process was getting me through so I was keeping it up.  Then comes mile 31 and the great people at Aravaipa running have one collective chuckle as they place a massive hill between the runners and the finish line.  I captured this moment in my race footage video….d@#$ them lol!!  In all honesty this thing only has 100 feet of elevation gain, but when your 31 miles into the race, your legs are trash, it’s hot out, and you’re ready to be done, this thing feels like Mount Everest out there lol.  But I kept the plan, just power hiked all the way to the top.  When I got to the top, I snapped a quick photo and sent it to the wife telling her I was almost done.

I hobbled my way down the hill, came in and out of some little washes, and soon enough the finish line was within throwing distance.  I could hear everyone calling my name and as I came into eye sight I could see my family cheering as loud as could be egging me on to finish strong.  I came into the finish line and I was done!!

The Finish Line…

I came into the finish in 6 hours 42 minutes.  Didn’t matter how tough the day was or how horrible my legs felt, I was glad to be done and extremely happy that my family was there to see me finish.

Since this post was extremely long, I’ll write up my take aways and lessons learned for a post tomorrow.  Thanks for reading!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

50k Race Footage

Here is the footage I was able to capture on my phone.  Didn't think it would be a good idea to carry my GoPro with me, but I wish I had recorded more.  Hope you enjoy!!